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Chris Jericho Says He Calls His Baseball Bat Floyd After Famous NHL Player

Chris explains name of his bat

Chris Jericho explains the origin behind his signature baseball bat, Floyd.

Chris Jericho spoke on this topic during a recent interview with, where he revealed that he named the bat after the famous St. Louis Blues player Floyd Thompson, who once swallowed his tongue.

I was looking for a name similar to Lucille – Negan’s bat on The Walking Dead – and for some reason, Floyd Thomson popped into my head. So the name on my bat in AEW comes from Floyd Thomson, former St. Louis Blue, who swallowed his tongue.

Chris Jericho later confirms that the story of Thompson swallowing his tongue is 100% true.

True story. How do you swallow your tongue?! But he did it, and to this day in AEW, the bat I carry is called Floyd.


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