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It is looking like the end of the road for an AEW championship as Jack Perry intends to retire the FTW Title on Dynamite.

The “unsanctioned” championship was introduced into AEW in July 2020 at Fyter Fest by Taz, with Brian Cage being the very first champion.

The reason for the title was to continue the legacy of the belt created by Taz for ECW back in 1998 in which it was also not officially recognised by the company.

In ECW, Taz was the first and last wrestler to hold the belt which he would unify with the ECW World Heavyweight Championship.

Since being introduced into AEW, other superstars have held the championship too. Superstars like Ricky Starks and HOOK.

HOOK would lose the belt to Jack Perry on the July 19th, 2023 AEW Dynamite and has recently defeated Rob Van Dam to retain the belt.

Jack Perry’s plans for the belt were revealed on the August 16th episode of AEW Dynamite, with the current champion saying:

“You can go ahead and call me Mr Wednesday night because last week I defeated the legend, Rob Van Dam.

“I am officially the greatest FTW Champion to have ever lived, but before some bozo comes along and tries to muck up the legacy that I’ve created, we are going to get out while we’re on top.

“Cos, the only thing better than being the greatest is being the last.

“So, next week, live on Dynamite, I’m going to retire the FTW Championship.”

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The retirement, if it does indeed happen, will take place on the August 23rd episode of AEW Dynamite in Duluth, GA.

Jack Perry is the seventh holder of the FTW Championship, with Taz having held it twice in ECW and Sabu being the second champion.

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