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Chad Gable talks NXT, WWE vs. UFC possibilities

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Fightful Select caught up with former Raw, SmackDown, and NXT Tag Team Champion Chad Gable.

Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp mentioned to Gable that he always sees him at the community events organized by the WWE. Chad would tell Sean, “It’s the best part of what we do.” Gable would also mention that the Special Olympic Games 2026 will be in Minneapolis, where he lives. 

Gable said he specifically requested and had been informed that he would be a huge part of it and that he could not wait.

Sean asked if he would be interested in a hybrid MMA fight with a UFC fighter since the TKO merger. Gable said, “I’m not trying to act like I’m some old veteran, but I’m so far along where anything new and interesting to me like that is so intriguing.”

He mentioned working a few matches in NXT and going a few rounds with Noam Dar for the Heritage Cup and became invigorated by the new experience.

Gable talked about the merger and said he likes going back and watching footage of one-off fights because of the uniqueness. He said that with this merger, we now have the opportunity for that.

Sean wrapped up the interview by asking Gable if anyone surprised him in the ring he chained around with. He said you can look back and see some of them. Gable said Xavier Woods and Dolph Ziggler were two of the people who surprised him. He said they would do the little things, especially in Royal Rumble matches. Gable said that any Royal Rumble matches that he’s ever been a part of, he’s done it.

He added that he would find a guy with an amateur background, and they would talk beforehand and say that whenever they get in there, they’ll see each other and wrestle. Shoot around for a certain amount of time they are allowed to before the carnage begins.

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