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Carmella Plans To Make In-Ring Return After Giving Birth, But Won’t Rush Back

Carmella announced earlier this year that she and her husband Corey Graves are expecting a baby.

The couple have previously dealt with an ectopic pregnancy. Back in March, she found out she was pregnant again and is now expecting in November. The couple is expecting a baby boy. 

While speaking with PEOPLE, Carmella talked about her in-ring future. 

“I for sure plan to come back. I think it’s important to show you can have a baby and still have a career, especially a very physical one at that, but I’m not going to rush,” she said. “I really just want to take my time recovering and making sure that I feel great and ready to go back and not sort of rushing because I don’t even know what to expect as far as how I’m going to feel after having a baby.”


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