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Can Some Montreal Momentum Help Sami Zayn Make Magic Happen?

With Elimination Chamber looming, Sami Zayn will look to conquer the Roman Empire and send the hometown fans home happy

All of the cards have been laid out. It's all on the line. And perhaps one of the most historical and ground-breaking events in recent WWE memory is upon us with tonight's Elimination Chamber.

While it would be easy to run down what promises to be a quality night of professional wrestling, one moment will stand above it all - when Sami Zayn challenges Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship. It was likely never supposed to even take place, and now the world of sports entertainment teeters upon its very outcome.

To try and put into perspective the importance of The Bloodline angle, and Sami Zayn's involvement in it would take chapters and volumes to put in proper perspective. However, most fans - even on the surface - can see how wrestling's hottest star in its most intriguing storyline would be an effective way to hold the audience's interest. When you add in the execution of it all, and that they let it marinate so long, it has come down to a fantastic finale.

While most fans entered this week likely thinking that most of this was window dressing, that may have changed after Smackdown this week. It's been widely assumed that Reigns would find some way to sneak out of Montreal with the title belts. Then, he'd go on to face Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania, and everything would go back to 'normal'. This Sami Phenomenon - while remaining popular - would likely die down and take its rightful place in the upper mid-card.

But... a funny thing happened on the way to Saturday's Elimination Chamber. And it happened on Smackdown, on the eve of the biggest night of Sami's professional life. In his hometown.

The hero's welcome that the fans in Canada gave Sami on Friday night gave many viewers goosebumps. It's almost as if the energy that was in the building was leaking out of our television sets. It's the kind of sound that is only reserved for those with legendary status.

And perhaps the most unlikely legend of all, Sami Zayn.

While most critics may see Cody Rhodes as the more obvious choice to replace Roman, the people stepped up and spoke last night. They really like Cody, but they fucking LOVE Sami. And not just north of the border, either. I mean, everywhere. He's like this lovable little guy who you just have to root for, no matter how silly it may seem.

If anyone was on the fence about the outcome of Elimination Chamber, all they had to do was watch the final segment of Smackdown. Because it had all of us thinking: 'you know what? I think I want Sami to win, after all.'

While the thought of seeing a coronation of The American Nightmare at WrestleMania may have been the perfectly drawn-up play, it might be time for coach Triple H to call an audible. The crowd, the people, the mob... they want to see Zayn with that belt.

It would be an incredible and happily surprising turn of events. For Sami, for the fans in Montreal, and for everyone in the WWE Universe. And in many ways? It's likely what's 'Best for Business'. --- Or as Sami Zayn might put it: 'meilleur pour les affaires'.

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