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Bushwhacker Butch Passes

Bob Miller (24 October 1944- 2 April 2023) was more widely known and loved as Bushwhacker Butch. Miller began his career in NWA New Zealand in 1964, In the rearly seventies, he and Luke (Brian Wickens) were brought to North America, where they perfromed iin Calgary's Stampede Wretilng as The Kiwis. Together Butch and Luke hel Stampede's NWA International Tag Team titles on two occasions in 1974. The late 1970s brought a name change for the duo and they started to perform as The Kiwi Sheepherders, later shortened to The Sheepherders. Together the Sheepherders held titles in various territories and were top heels known for violence.

In an emotional statement about his 50 year tag partner Bushwhacker Luke would say "From the early-1970s when we were young mates wrestling for John da Silva in New Zealand, my first impression of Bob 'The Chest' Miller (as he was called in those days) was that he was a first-class redneck, and what bloody redneck he was! But he was also an all-around good guy and a great friend."

In 1988, Miller and Wickens joined the WWF. This percipitated a drop in their violent tendencies and a new name. They would become the Bushwhackers. The Bushwhackers were a family friendly often midcard act. The duo would often just go by the names of Butch and Luke. While the duo would never hold gold in the WWF, they had memorable matches against teams such as The Fabulous Rogeau Brothers, Natural Disasters, and the Beverly Brothers. The Bushwhackers would often appear in comedy sketches releasedin WWF's Coliseum Video. The Bushwhackers are part of the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2015

We here at RealRasslin extend our condolences to Bob Miller's family and friends.


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