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Bryan Danielson Details What He Wants From His Final Full-Time Year In AEW

Bryan Danielson is in the final year of his full-time wrestling career, and he spoke about his plans in an interview with the "Getting Over" podcast. According to Bryan Danielson, he's less focused on accomplishing things and more focused on appreciating his time in wrestling.

"I have people I'd like to get in the ring with," Danielson explained. "Most of them are AEW people because those are the most easily accessible. For example, I would love to do a match with Darby Allin in Seattle. How cool would that be? Even like Nick Wayne. Me and Swerve have never wrestled. And I'm just talking about Washington State wrestlers. I want to do another match with Kenny Omega. There's all these different things that I would like to do but... I don't want to limit it to names. What I really want out of this year is to be fully present and to be able to appreciate this being my last full-time year of wrestling." 

Bryan Danielson noted that he isn't just trying to appreciate the in-ring work but also the little moments of joy that come from travelling with the same locker room for months out of the year. The AEW superstar claimed that he's fond of discussing production and other facets of the business that he can't talk about with his regular friends. 

That said, he's never intentionally sought to become a leader. "I've never aspired to be a leader," Bryan Danielson said, explaining that he took a personality test in WWE and scored a 0 on things like desire for power or desire for worldly success. "Those were the lowest scores they've ever seen." 

Bryan Danielson chalks up his aptitude for wrestling to his passion for the business, noting that he's very bad at things he doesn't like, but tends to succeed at things he does like, and believes that any leadership role he's developed over his career has come from leading by example, as opposed to forcing his will on younger wrestlers.

Thank you to "Getting Over" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.


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