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Brian Pillman Jr Comments On WWE Name Change To Lexis King

Former AEW star Brian Pillman Jr has commented on his recent WWE name change to Lexis King following his most recent vignette on NXT.

After weeks of teases suggesting Brian Pillman Jr was set to debut on NXT TV, it took until this week’s NXT for the second generation star to have a chance to both show his face for the first time and speak.

After clicking through different clips of his father in the WWE and WCW in the 90s, Pillman Jr would denounce the Pillman name and instead announce he was taking up the surname King, the surname of the man who married his mother and actually raised him following Brian Pillman Sr’s death in 1997.

This confirmed a report earlier this week revealing that Pillman Jr’s new WWE name was set to be Lexis King, which is an homage to both his stepfather and seemingly also his sister Alexis who passed away in 2009.

Pillman Jr has wrestled under the name Alex King on the independent scene in the past, so it’s not too much of a departure.

Commenting on the name change, Pillman Jr took to Twitter, reiterating the sentiment from the vignette and making it clear that he was looking to carve out his own destiny in WWE:

26 years ago my father was buried, and tonight I buried his last name.

I will no longer be known as the lost son living in his father’s shadow.

I will forge my own path and stop at nothing until I am the King of #WWENXT


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