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Booker T To Collaborate With Houston-Based Hip Hop GroupWWE

Booker T is set to collaborate with a Houston-based hip hop group.

The crossover between hip hop and professional wrestling goes back years with stars such as The Rock and Ric Flair contributing for high profile tracks in the past

On October 31, Haus of Wrestling announced that WWE Hall of Famer and NXT commentator Booker T is collaborating with the renowned hip hop group, Twenty Eleven, for their upcoming album. The album is entitled “Happiness, Sadness, etc.” and will comprise of 14 original songs.

Houston, TX – The renowned hip-hop/indie-pop group, Twenty Eleven, is ecstatic to announce the release of their much-awaited album, “Happiness, Sadness, Etc.” The album, a compelling blend of diverse musical explorations, comprises 14 original songs, all masterfully written and produced by Twenty Eleven. Fans will be thrilled to discover collaborations with the legendary Booker T and the eclectic Say Girl Say.

Previously active between 2008 and 2013, Twenty Eleven was formed during the high school years of its members: emcees Boat & Just Will, singer Corbin Dallas, producer Avery Davis, and Motai. The group, with their distinctive sound, quickly made waves in Houston, releasing two independent LPs during their school years. Their undeniable prowess established them as pillars in Houston’s hip-hop/R&B scene, earning them both critical acclaim and award nominations. Their 2013 project “20 Summers” was the last the community heard from them before they embarked on individual journeys.

While Boat, professionally known as Brad Gilmore, ventured into the world of TV and radio hosting, Avery Davis gained further musical recognition with his solo act -Us., and as the drummer for Wild Moccasins. Corbin Dallas took his ethereal R&B to Los Angeles, Motai furthered his DJ and production career, and Just Will channeled his passion into music and poetry. Their separate paths only enriched their individual crafts, making “Happiness, Sadness, Etc.” a reunion of growth, passion, and unmatched talent.

The album’s release is not just a testament to Twenty Eleven’s unparalleled talent but also to the group’s unwavering bond and commitment to their craft. “Happiness, Sadness, Etc.” promises to be a soulful journey that will resonate with fans old and new.

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No date has been announced for the release of as of yet.


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