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Booker T Thinks GUNTHER Is The Greatest WWE Intercontinental Champion Of All Time

Booker T has given his thoughts on various topics on his latest Hall Of Fame podcast. 

The WWE Hall Of Famer talked about his belief that GUNTHER can become the greatest WWE Intercontinental Champion of all time if he becomes the longest reigning champion. Here are the highlights:

If GUNTHER is the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time:

“You know, I think so. I mean, he’s got the record. He’s got the record. You know, he’s got the resume to prove it. I think that you know, counts above all. You know, I think championship rings, you know, trump everything. So, yeah, I give gold. GUNTHER has been a hell of a champion. He’s been a hell of a champion. He’s a throwback. He’s no flip’s all fist and loves it. Yeah.”

On whether ROW could become a feeder system for WWE similar to OVW: 

“Not just, WWE, you know, got there again, was just talking about posting the picture, you know, Sammy Guevara, and he’s one of my first students. I got students. I mean, Ember Moon, she’s one of my first students, you know, And she’s in, so. So now I’m looking for kids that can go to Japan. I’m looking for kids that can go, you know, impact wrestling if they can get it. You know, we don’t give out diplomas or anything like that. The diploma is a check, one of them president. And that’s what we try to get our guys.”

Thanks to Wrestling Headlines for the transcription.


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