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We at Real Rasslin can confirm that

At tonight’s WWE SmackDown taping there were more clues about the potential impending return of Bo Dallas/Uncle Howdy.

At tonight’s SmackDown in Detroit, Michigan there was a peculiar moment that seemed to continue the mysterious teases attributed to the return of Bo Dallas.

While the same haunting music played (which has since been identified as a song “Nightbird” by Marti Amado), there was a visual detail noted as well.

The SmackDown logo that was being displayed on the tron was displaying a glitch where it was in black and white, as if it was being played on an old timey television.

There was a previous ‘glitch’ on WWE television that was also a tease attributed to the future return of Dallas.

During a promo from Big Bronson Reed on WWE Raw after WrestleMania, there was a static moment that featured the text ‘hello’.

Bo Dallas returned to WWE to portray Uncle Howdy before Wyatt passed away – Dallas has remained with the company since then even though he wasn’t seen until he appeared at the Hall of Fame this past weekend to induct his and Wyatt’s father Mike Rotunda, who was entering the Hall of Fame with Barry Windham.

At this point, it’s unknown in what form he’ll be returning to WWE (as Bo Dallas, as Uncle Howdy, or something else), but it is planned and that’s what these teases are for.

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