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Welcome guys to this weeks edition of AEW Collision and we are kicking things off with a meat match and it's going to be a banger.

Continental Classic Blue League: Claudio Castagnoli vs. Brody King

They strike it out to start with Castagnoli getting fired up by getting hit hard. Neither can clothesline the other down so they eventually clothesline each other down for a double takedown. They head outside for another clothesline off before King drops Claudio with a big boot back inside. Castagnoli knocks him outside, where King drops him with a clothesline and sends him over the barricade.

We take a break and come back with Castagnoli fighting out of a chinlock and unloading with uppercuts in the corner. A running double stomp gives Castagnoli two and a rather impressive Swiss Death gets the same. The Swing sets up the Sharpshooter but King makes the rope. Back up and Castagnoli misses a charge into the post, allowing King to nail a heck of a cannonball. Castagnoli pops up at one and hits a Death Valley Driver for the same. King’s piledriver gets two. King follows up with a huge lariot and that’s all.

Here is your winner: Brody King

Now this is why I love pro wrestling. As much as I enjoy high flying action and high spots for me you just cant beat big men hitting big men. Meat on meat. Was not expecting Brody winning this one but im super stoked he did. They are making him look like a monster and its what is needed. Great opening match.

Abadon vs. Kiera Hogan

Hogan looks scared to start but manages a dropkick into the corner. Abadon is back with some strikes in the corner but Hogan manages a running kick to the face for two. Back up and a swinging Boss Man Slam plants Hogan, followed by a springboard cutter for two more. A lick to the face seems to fire Hogan up so she strikes away, setting up a neckbreaker for two. Abadon is right back with a kick to the head, followed by Black Dahlia for the pin.

Here is your winner: Abadon

It would be really great if they start to push Abadon. Ive said it before she offers something completely different to any woman on the roster. Lets just hope they don’t have her win a few matches then lose in a title match completely ruining her momentum. But Abadon is still absolutely terrifying.

Post match the lights go out and when they come back on Julia Hart is in the ring. Lights go out again and Julia Hart has vanished. What a feud these two could have. Battle of who could out weird the other one. I'm here for it.

Continental Classic Blue League: Andrade El Idolo vs. Daniel Garcia

Matt Menard has joint commentary for this one. I actually like what collision do sometimes with different wrestlers joining commentary. Im still impressed with Big Bill.

Garcia grabs a fast rollup for two and teases Andrade that he was so close. Back up and Garcia sends him into the ropes, where Andrade gets to chill for a bit. A dropkick puts Garcia on the floor and a slingshot dive gives Andrade two back inside. Garcia fights back by going after the leg for one, with Menard promising to dance with Garcia if he wins the tournament. Andrade knocks him hard to the floor though.

Garcia winning a slugout and tying Andrade in the Tree of Woe to hammer on the knee. A spinning brainbuster gives Garcia two but Andrade is fine enough to send him into the corner. The third Amigo is broken up though and Garcia grabs a sleeper. That’s broken up with a trip into the corner and a superplex to Garcia, setting up Three Amigos for two. Garcia is right back with the Dragon Slayer but tries something else, allowing Andrade to roll into the hammerlock DDT to finish Garcia.

Here is your winner: Andrade

Decent match between these two men again. Garcia is becoming the whipping boy in this tournament tho. Not sure what the plan is for him going forward but he is losing all his momentum which is a shame as he is so talented. Matt Menard on commentary was great too.

Kingdom vs. Iron Savages

Roderick Strong is here with the Kingdom and dedicates this match to his friend Adam Cole. The brawl is on fast until Boulder hits a crossbody to take the Kingdom down. Bronson dives onto the Kingdom as well, followed by a choke slam for two on Taven. Boulder misses a middle rope moonsault though and it’s a Death Valley Driver into Just The Tip. The spike piledriver finishes for Bennett.

Here is your winner: The Kingdom

The build up of The Kingdom continues. Im very happy with this. Surely they have to be the ones to take the ROH tag titles. I’m sure they are involved somewhere with this devil storyline. Im excited about The Kingdom. Lets see where this one goes. We also need to take a moment to appreciate Roderick Strong. He is absolutely brilliant with this role.

House of Black vs. Matt Sydal/Christopher Daniels

Matthews powers Sydal down to start before rolling through a high crossbody without much trouble. A tornado DDT doesn’t work for Sydal so he kicks Matthews in the head and hands it off to Daniels. Black comes in and Daniels slows down a bit, allowing Black to kick him into the corner. Daniels is sent outside and Black hits a huge of a middle rope moonsault as we take a break.

Back with Sydal coming in to strike away until Black catches him on top. Matthews and Sydal score with top rope Meteoras but Black pulls Sydal outside. Daniels dives onto Black but Black is fine enough to knee Sydal out of the air. The spinning kick to the head absolutely wipes out Dniels and this one is all over.

Here is your winners: House of Black

This one had no surprises. Sydal and Daniels know the role they play now, and they do it well. They look great in matches and make their opponents look even better. House of Black look incredible. Tag titles must be on the horizon for them at some point.

it's main event time and this one has potential to be great.

Continental Classic Blue League: Bryan Danielson vs. Eddie Kingston

Danielson has an eye patch. Is he wearing this full time now? Feeling out process to start, with Danielson striking away. Kingston backs away into the corner but manages one hell of a chop to drop Danielson. Back up and Danielson strikes away, with Kingston telling him to bring it. A suplex sends Kingston to the floor but he counters a dive into a suplex to leave them both down.

We take a break and come back with Kingston’s superplex being broken up, allowing Danielson to hit a missile dropkick. Danielson eventually gets the LeBell Lock but can’t get it all the way on. Instead they strike it out until Danielson misses the running knee and gets planted with a suplex. The spinning backfist gives Eddie two and some knees to the bad orbital bone make it worse.

Danielson is back with the YES Kicks but Kingston chops him very hard. Kingston shrugs them off and hits an enziguri until Danielson gets in a suplex for the double knockdown. Danielson kicks away some more followed by a suplex which puts Kingston down and Danielson stomps away until Kingston needs a breather from the exhausted Bryan. Not that it matters as Bryan is back up with the running knee and that’s all.

Here is your winner: Bryan Danielson

So Eddie Kingston put both his titles on the line in this tournament and has now lost his opening two matches. Eddie needs a plan right now because he is being made to look weak. Unless they are going to go with an underdog story and he now wins all his remaining matches but I don’t see it happening.

Great match between these two guys though. Bryan Danielson is still one of the best in the world.

A good show overall on Collision this week. Some great matches and some really good storylines at the moment. The continental classic continues and Brody King is looking strong. See you next week guys.

Here is your updated Blue League standings after this round of matches

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