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Big E has provided an update on his in-ring future in WWE following the results of his two year neck scans.

Former WWE Champion Big E has been unable to compete inside a WWE ring in over two years after suffering a broken neck during a match on SmackDown on March 11, 2022.

The New Day member has continued to offer updates on his condition throughout his time away, with fans hoping for positive news regarding a potential return to the ring.

Now courtesy of a new post on Twitter, Big E has provided a new update following recent two year scans on his neck, revealing that he has still yet to be cleared to return to the ring, and unfortunately may never be cleared.

Thankfully despite an in-ring return looking in doubt, Big E has more importantly revealed he is pain free and is “immensely happy” in his life at the moment.

Big E wrote in his post:

Hey, all!

Two year neck scans are in. Things are unchanged. My C1 has healed fibrously but has not formed new bone. I’m not medically cleared and truthfully, I may never be cleared.

But I am blessed to be free of pain, immensely happy and otherwise healthy. Life is good.

All at Real Rasslin would like to continue to extend our well-wishes to Big E in his recovery.

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