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Big Backstage Update On The Negotiations Between Will Ospreay & AEW

Will Ospreay is All Elite after announcing his arrival in AEW at last night’s Full Gear 2023 pay-per-view event.

It is reported that Ospreay has signed a multi-year deal, which is over three years.

The deal was verbally agreed upon “well before” Will Ospreay’s time with NJPW was over, as he still is under contract with the Japanese promotion until the end of January.

Will Ospreay informed NJPW that he won’t be signing a new deal with them and the company gave its blessing for him to sign with AEW.

The working relationship between AEW and NJPW is what made the deal possible in the first place.

Will Ospreay will still work select NJPW dates while under contract with AEW, similar to Jon Moxley, Kenny Omega, and others.

The contract negotiations began in earnest in the early fall and AEW was “optimistic” about securing his signature.

While Will Ospreay previously said he wanted to stay in the United Kingdom, he later expressed his willingness to explore other opportunities, such as moving to the United States.

Will Ospreay will be able to stay in the UK as part of the AEW deal.

The Aerial Assassin Will Ospreay arrived just before Full Gear 2023 went on the air, and the contract wasn’t officially finalized and signed as of Saturday morning. Nevertheless, the deal was teased before it was finalized.

Meanwhile, WWE did indeed have interest in Will Ospreay and was in contact with his agent, Barry Bloom.

The discussions between WWE and Will Ospreay reportedly weren’t a secret in the company, as WWE was trying to see what kind of schedule or relocation might happen.

WWE sources noted that although they didn’t receive any official word of Will Ospreay’s signing, it was easy to estimate that he was headed for AEW.

By Friday night at the Collision/Rampage TV tapings, talent in AEW were openly talking about Will Ospreay’s arrival.

While Impact Wrestling was also interested in signing Will Ospreay, it’s unknown how far those discussions advanced.


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