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Welcome guys to this weeks episode of Collision. No promos this week. We are just getting straight into the action with our first match.


Henry attacks Allin as Darby makes his way to the ring, they hit Sting with a chair from behind but he no sells it and throws it back in Drake’s face. Flair gets involved with a chop, and Sting drives Drake into the barricade. Darby up but gets dropped on the apron by Henry. Henry throws Sting into the barricade, and follows up with a running kick to Darby against the railing. Darby is rolled into the ring and this one is on. 

Henry with a clothesline in the corner and a running power slam, and Drake with a flying headbutt off the top for 2. Drake tags Henry back in, and he hits the Project Ciampa powerbomb to the knees on Darby which also gets a 2 count. Quick tag to Drake who chops Darby in the corner. Darby tries to crawl to Sting but Drake is ahead of him and he takes Sting off the apron. Drake up to the top rope, moonsault but it misses. Code Red by Darby! Stinger Splash on Drake. Henry tags himself in but Sting throws him out. Darby up top, Coffin Drop off the top! Sting with the Scorpion Death Drop on Drake in the middle of the ring and this one is all over. 

Here is Your winner: Sting & Darby Allin 

No surprises here. This was a squash but how bloody good do the Workhorsemen look everytime they get an opportunity. Seriously two talented guys and they do everything they need to do in such a short amount of time. They look great and make their opponents look great. We need more exposure to their talents. Give them some more time and let them get some wins. 





Lockup, clean break, lockup again, and another clean break in the corner. Snapmare by Eddie, followed by a kick to the spine and a series of chops. Tornado DDT by Trent, and a snap suplex to stay in control. Eddie takes back control, clothesline in the corner and the machine gun chops. Trent tries to rally back but Eddie fires off a chop to the face. That looked nasty and Trent looks like he has broken his nose. Blood is pouring here. Trent with a springboard crossbody off the top but misses. Saito Suplex by Eddie on the floor. 

Eddie brings Trent back into the ring. Chops by Eddie but Trent fights back with a rising knee out of nowhere. They battle to their feet and trade forearms, with Trent getting the upper hand, knocking Eddie against the ropes. He follows up with a running dropkick to send Eddie to the outside. Trent with a tope suicida to take Eddie out on the floor. 

Eddie and Trent up on the buckles now, sunset flip by Trent and he follows up with a powerbomb out of the corner. Looking for the Dudebuster but Eddie counters with an Exploder. Enziguri by Eddie and a DDT for 2.Eddie looks for the half and half but Trent counters with a German! He holds on, another German suplex! A third German with the release this time. Trent with the running knee and a Gotch-style piledriver but Eddie kicks out. 

Both guys battle on their knees, getting to their feet to trade more chops and forearms. Roaring elbow by Beretta, sloppy half and half by Trent as he is knackered. Eddie with the Exploder. Backfist to the Future from Eddie, Northern Lights Driver and this one is all over. 

Here is Your winner and STILL AEW Continental Crown Champion: Eddie Kingston 

I was actualy hoping for a big surprise here and have Trent win but we all knew that was never going to happen. Trent gave a great showing here. I personally feel Trent is severely underrated. They also need a new name for this title. It’s a bif of a mouthful. Solid match from both guys. 



Bennett & Komander start this off as Bennett wails away in the corner. Tag to Taven, who whips Komander off the buckles and hits a pendulum backbreaker – Roddy approves! 1, 2, no. Komander kicks his way out of the corner but gets tossed to the apron, comes back in with a hurracanrana. Tag to Keith who unleashes a series of chops and a big boot off the ropes. Tag to Bennett who gets a punch to the jaw which catches Keith off guard. 

Bennett chokes out Keith against the bottom turnbuckle. To their feet, Keith gets into a chop exchange with Bennett. Jumping Enziguri from Keith, but Bennett comes back with a DVD into the buckles! Taven tagged in for the pin but kick out at 2. Vertical suplex by Taven gets another 2. Bennett tagged in, delivers a spinebuster, Taven makes the cover and the ref starts counting but realises Bennett was the legal man. Bennett tries for a piledriver but Keith flips him overhead, only to roll through and Bennett catches him with a Kimura. Bryan Keith makes the ropes to break the hold but Bennett continues the assault before tagging in Taven. Double team elbow drop gets a 2 for the ROH tag champs. 

Faceplant into the side chokehold by Taven, but Keith rolls him up for a 2 count. Tag to Bennett, chops in the corner on Keith, but Keith avoids a running shot and hits an overhead throw on Bennett into the buckles. Taven and Komander tagged in! Komander with a crossbody and a headscissor DDT. Komander boots Bennett to the outside, and Keith headbutts Taven on the buckles. Komander stands on Keith’s shoulders for the assisted superplex on Taven.

Keith throws Bennett off the apron, and Keith gives an assist to Komander to toss him over the top rope to take out both members of the Kingdom. Knee to the face on Taven, he goes for an underhook but Bennett interrupts. Piledriver on Komander, and the Just the Tip running knee from Taven connnects on Keith. Double team Powerbomb/Zig Zag connect and this one is all over. 

Here is Your winners: The Undisputed Kingdom 

Ive said it before and ill continue to shout it – I love the Kingdom. I am so glad they are a part of this new team because they are so talented and deserve all the TV time. No upset here. Random pairing but they done what they needed to do. Love the Undisputed Kingdom T shirts and the matching ring gear. I am very pleased with this. 


Adam Copeland is here and is dressed in his wrestling gear. Copeland reminds everyone that him and Cage beat the living hell out of each other, and he beat him for the championship. But now he has to go to the back of the line. Cage thinks Copeland has always had his opportunities handed to him. But when it comes down to it, Copeland just works harder. Cage wants him to earn his title shot? He will start doing that right here tonight. He’ll start from the bottom because he works hard. He’s in his gear and ready for a fight, so he’s throwing out an open challenge, the Cope Open. Who wants it? 

Griff Garrison and Cole Karter come out, accompanied by Maria Kanellis. I doubt he was on anyones bingo card as to who would answer this open challenge. Griff takes the mic to introduce himself. Who the F is Griff Garrison? Griff is a guy that steps up to the plate against a hall of famer. Look at him and show him respect since he’s the one that accepted the challenge. 

Copeland says Griff reminds him of himself when he was his age. You are stepping up from below sea level to Mount Everest. Griff slaps Copeland and that makes Copeland like him even more. 


Big boot by Copeland. Chops in the corner. Fisherman suplex by Copeland, and more chops to the chest. Big back body drop to Griff. Adam stomps away on Griff in the corner, whips him into the buckles and hits a snake eyes and a clothesline. Griff struggles to get up in the corner. Copeland is looking for the spear but Maria Kanellis grabs the ankle. Karter does the same on the opposite side of the ring, allowing Griff to take advantage. Hard whip into the corner by Garrison and a vertical suplex gets a 2. Griff locks in a rear chinlock. Wheelbarrow facebuster by Griff gets another 2 count. Griff gets Copeland on his shoulders but Copeland with the reverse DDT to escape. 

Copeland looks for the spear but Griff with an elbow to counter. Copeland to the top rope and nails some headbutts on Griff before delivering the top rope superplex! He hangs on and hits an Impaler DDT before locking in the modified crossface and Griff has no choice but to tap. 

Here is Your winner: Adam Copeland 

Well no one expected to see Griff but Copeland did say the other week if he was to start a faction he would have Griff in it. Expect to see Copeland beat everyone for the next few weeks until he gets another title opportunity. 



They lockup to begin as Hogan backs Blue into the corner, clean break. Side headlock by Blue, and then she uses the boot to choke Hogan out against the buckles. Hogan with a drop toe hold into the ropes and a hip attack. Kick to the chest gets a 1 count. Blue with a clothesline to the back and a running kick to the head. They head to the outside and trade blows, with Blue getting a big chop to the chest on Hogan. Hogan retaliates, holding Blue against the barricade and hitting a chop of her own, but Blue comes back with a snap suplex on the floor. Combination kicks by Hogan, misses a leg drop and Blue capitalises. 


Blue pulls the hair to send Hogan to the canvas. Hogan battles back, but Blue with a knee to the midsection and another hair toss. Blue to the middle rope, but jumps into a thrust kick from Hogan. Flying forearm and a dropkick from Hogan, followed up by a clothesline in the corner. Sliding kick to Blue, neckbreaker and a pin attempt which gets a 2 for Kiera. They fight in the corner now, Hogan climbing up for the 10 count punches but Blue interrupts halfway through and hits the Cheeky Nandos. Powerbomb asttempt, no, thrust kick by Blue, and one from Hogan in return! Blue gets Hogan on her shoulders, TKO! Transitions into the Dragon Sleeper and this one is all over. 

Here is Your winner: Skye Blue 

Well this was a match. That’s all I can say about this one. Skye Blue continues to build momentum and I love it. 



Dropkick from Everett right out the gate! But Claudio dumps him with a huge body slam. Claudio gets a goozle and a huuuge chokeslam as Everett is so good at taking bumps like that. Everett rolls to the outside to recover and Claudio follows, getting the big running uppercut against the barricade. He rolls Andrew back in and gets the Giant Swing! As he lets go, Everett almost flies out of the ring.

Claudio sends him into the buckles and Everett collapses. Everett flips onto the apron and hits a springboard leg lariat and a Pele kick, but Claudio tosses him to the apron again. Kick to Claudio, Everett up top, dives with an SSP but Claudio was waiting for him. Neutralizer, and a big clothesline gets the 3. 

Here is Your winner: Claudio Castagnoli 

Squash. Say no more. Claudio v Page will be great on Dynamite and that’s all this match was used for. 




Dax’s family is at ringside, which will undoubtedly play a role here. Dax and Buddy start this one out, Buddy with a right hand out of the corner, and Dax with a chop in return. Dax tags in Wheeler as Buddy wrings the arm. Short arm drag, but Cash reverses and gets a side headlock. Shoulder blocks are exchanged, drop toeholds exchanged, and Cash tags in Dax for the double team Russian leg sweep. Matthews tags in Black. Shoulder block by Dax, standing switch, kick to the chest attempt by Black but Dax catches the leg.

Black sits on the mat…so Dax sits down in front of him and flips the finger! Black heads over to Dax’s family but FTR run him off. Buddy and Black pose in the ring.

Dax and Black slow things down a little in the ring, and then we get a series of quick tags by House of Black. Black off the ropes, but Dax won’t go down on a shoulder block. Scoop slam to Black, tag to Cash, assisted leg drop gets a 2 count for Wheeler, before he hits Buddy off the apron. Big kick in response by Black, and they get into an uppercut exchange. Suplex by Matthews, float over into a pinfall attempt for 2. 

Elbow drop by Dax on Buddy now, but Buddy gets Dax in the House of Black corner, allowing Black to come in for a sliding dropkick. Dax manages to tag in Cash though. Cash to the apron, battling both members, but Buddy manages to hit a back suplex on the apron, and Malakai capitalises with a moonsault off the middle turnbuckle to the floor to take out Cash. Wheeler is rolled back in, Black keeps control with stomps to the back and a snapmare takeover, followed by a kneedrop to the face. HoB continue the quick tags and double teams until Cash finally escapes with both members of HoB spilling to the floor. Buddy again tries to stop the tag but Cash sends him back outside. Cash is there, ready to tag, but Buddy up on the apron to take out Dax at the last second. 

Matthews with a kick to the back and locks in a tight side headlock to keep Cash grounded. Nigel and Tony are having an absolute blast on commentary by the way. Wheeler gets a rolling Code Red out of the corner for 2! Powerslam off the ropes gives him some space as both men are down. Matthews tags in Black, but Cash makes the tag to Dax! Punches to both Black and Buddy, flying forearm by Dax. Clothesline to Matthews! Dax climbs the buckles and hits a crossbody back to take out Buddy. Back body drop on Buddy and a sheer drop Brainbuster on Black, 1, 2, no 

Dax gets a rollup off the ropes for 2, Black kicks out and sends Dax towards the ropes, allowing Buddy to get a cheapshot. Dax gets another rollup for 2. Black heads to the top rope, Dax sweeps the legs as Cash climbs at the opposite side…Power and the Glory connects! Dax makes the cover but Buddy makes the save. 

Cash flips Buddy to the outside, Black sent out as well. Cash with the suicide dive, no, they catch him! Double team rising kick, and House of Black toss Wheeler into the announcer’s table. Black grabs a steel chair and brings it into the ring. Malakai makes eye contact with Dax’s wife and daughter while carrying the chair, but Dax comes in to take on both members of HoB. Cash makes his way back in, Shatter Machine on Buddy but Black makes the save! 

Cash and Black battle on the apron. Kicks by Black, Cash escapes through the legs and Dax is right there, SPIKE PILEDRIVER ON THE APRON by FTR on Black! 

Brody King makes his way down to ringside, but here comes Daniel Garcia from behind with a steel chair! He knocks out Brody and plays cheerleader for FTR, cheering Dax on and willing him to his feet. Dax tries to e-enter the ring but Buddy is right there with a stomp to the head. 1, 2, Dax gets a foot on the ropes! Buddy with a powerbomb but Dax rolls through and flips into a pinning combination and FTR take the win. 

Here is Your winner: FTR 

This was everything we thought it would be. Everything we wanted it to be and everything else. What a main event. Two of the best teams in the world right now and it worked so well. Well played both teams. Just absolutely incredible. House of Black are going to be a big part of AEW this year and I am fully here for it. 

Post-match, Garcia poses with FTR but here come all 3 members of HOB from behind. Matthews stomps Cash’s head into the steel chair! Buddy and King hold the chair by Dax’s face, allowing Black to deliver Black Mass to knock Dax out in front of his family. The TBS champion Julia Hart slowly, ominously rings the bell at ringside as King delivers the Gonzo Bomb to Garcia. House of Black stand tall as tonight’s broadcast comes to a close. 

A really great show this week. So many stories are being told on Collision and building it up for the next few weeks. Im excited to see where this all goes. Well played AEW.  

See you next week for Rampage guys. 



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