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Becky Lynch Thinks Trish Stratus Is Scared Time Is Passing Her By

Becky Lynch will wrestle Trish Stratus in a steel cage match at the WWE Payback next Saturday night. 

Becky Lynch spoke in character about their feud while appearing on WWE’s The Bump.

“I think it’s just an insecurity. I think, when it comes to Trish Stratus, she’s so scared that time is passing her by. You look at the business and you look at the women’s division and how everybody’s progressing, everybody’s getting better, everybody’s tightening their game. She’s left in history. WWE for years, for decades, we’ve said that Trish Stratus is the greatest female wrestler that we’ve ever had. Now, obviously, it’s being proven that that’s not true. You have the Becky Lynchs, and I could just stop there, but you have the other people that can compete for that title. I think that’s her biggest problem, is she doesn’t want to be forgotten by history, and she doesn’t want to be left behind,” Lynch said.


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