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Backstage Update On The Location For WWE WrestleMania 41

The city of Minneapolis, Minnesota remains the front runner place to host WWE WrestleMania 41, this is according to a new report from Fightful Select.

According to sources, WWE officials have “heavily discussed” Minneapolis as a possible location for the biggest event of the year. Some say the event is even “likely” to take place in the city at this point.

If Minneapolis were to host WrestleMania 41, it would be held at US Bank Stadium. Of course, much of the bad weather that takes place in the city and the baseball season would preclude the possibility of Target Field playing host to the event. For NFL games, US Bank Stadium can hold over 73,000 fans.

Additionally, while there were some reports that Tampa, Florida was being considered as the Royal Rumble 2024 host, that hasn’t been confirmed at this point. With that being said, Tampa has been considered as a front runner for quite some time now.


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