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Backstage Update On The Identity Of The AEW Devil

The identity of the mysterious Devil and the masked goons has become the central mystery of AEW programming as of late. one name that can likely be crossed out, recent Instagram Stories aside, is CM Punk.

"Unless it is a giant work on the EVPs, on top talent, on the people that are involved in this storyline, it is not CM Punk," Sean Ross Sapp explained. "Unless it is. Many of those same people have also said Britt Baker is not lying; she also is not the devil."

The wrestlers currently under the masks are the wrestlers that will be revealed to be the actual identities and aren't just stand-ins for later development, including one that is described as muscular, possibly a Wardlow or Brian Cage type, though the televised The Devil might be a stand-in for whomever the actual Devil will turn out to be.

CM Punk was fired from AEW in September following a backstage altercation with Jack Perry that supposedly made AEW CEO Tony Khan fear for his life. There has been heavy speculation that CM Punk is set to return to WWE for the upcoming Survivor Series event, though the company denied there were talks between the two parties. Impact Wrestling has also shown interest in the former AEW World Champion. NJPW's Rocky Romero said that CM Punk would be a great addition to NJPW, despite NJPW being a business partner of the company that just fired CM Punk months ago.

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