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Arn Anderson Discusses Paul Heyman’s Impact On Wrestling, His Departure From WCW

Speaking on the latest episode of his “The ARN Show,” Arn Anderson talked about Paul Heyman. Reflecting on Paul Heyman’s influence in the wrestling business, Arn Anderson praised his aptitude and understanding of the industry. He said,

“I mean, when you have the aptitude that he has for the business, and you understand who you are and what the business is. And you know, he’s just got a really good mind. He does.”

Delving into Paul Heyman’s WCW departure, Arn Anderson explained the challenges Paul Heyman faced as a young talent in a rapidly expanding territory under Bill Watts’ leadership. He said,

“Well, the reality is this. When you’re a booker in the wrestling business, and you come in and you take a job with a company — this was in the old days. And you were hired to be the booker, you would surround yourself with your guys that you had a history of trusting, that had a history of success, hopefully. And when Bill Watts came in, Paul E. was a young guy in the business. You were only gonna have X number of managers. Bill usually only had one, you know? At a territory at a particular time. But he had taken up another animal. You know, this was not just a small territory. Now you had national television. Could be worldwide television, depending on syndication. And the reality is he was gonna put his guys in place. I’m sure Paul did not have a choice in leaving.”


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