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Another Debut

AEW is debuting in Everett, Washington tonight. Tony Khan took to twitter and declared that TBS has granted them a significant overrun. Aubrey Edwards also drove to work if that matters for anyone. Aubrey did tweet that her mom is more excited to see Jeff Cobb than her but who isn't?

Cobb and Fletcher are no stranger to each other as both are part of the United Empire faction. Fletcher and Cobb jump Mox as soon as Mox gets over the barricade. Danielson then charged to the ring. A nice start to Dynamite. I feel sorry for Fletcher and Cobb taking the beating before the bell rang. It finally rang about 5 minutes into the broadcast. Again there is a countdown to the Swerve Strickland segment. This week it is a match against Brain Cage. Back to the match, Jeff Cobb started as the legal man for the Don Callis Family. He kept getting beat up as Mox and Danielson kept tagging out. Once Fletcher got tagged in he took it to Mox. Jon Moxley as the stronger brawler got the better of Kyle Fletcher. When Bryan Danielson was tagged in for the hot tag and he jumped off the top rope you could see where he landed on his bottom rather than flat on his back to protect the taped up area. A beautiful Standing Moonsault missed by Jeff Cobb. As talked about on the Real Rasslin Round Up big men that can move like that are just amazing. While it was the obvious outcome BCC won. It is a shame we did not get to see Jeff Cobb's Tour of the Islands. Takeshita did attack Mox after the match. Typical beat down and save.

Brody King and Buddy Matthews attacked Adam Copeland during his entrance. Segments like this are something I wish they would not advertise. I would prefer a tease of Will Malakai Black Answer the Challenge of Adam Copeland? Fans are really against Malakai Black. Kyle O'Reilly comes out to help Adam Copeland in the fight but gets taken out. Three on two as Copeland was already choked out.

I am not upset to see Christopher Daniels in action, however, this match could go no other way than with the Young Bucks winning. Christopher Daniels is one of the few wrestlers who are still active who had a match in WCW. It was in January of 2000. Sydal did get the early advantage. The Bucks would take control quickly. TK Driver put Daniels away. The Young Bucks then fired Daniels. I assume this is just kayfabe to keep up their corrupt EVP storyline. At least I hope so.

Hook returns to squash a local guy with the name of wolf. Hook then called out Jericho. Jericho refused to fight him but said on Collision there will be a number 1 contender match.

Another match that starts off quickly. That seems to be the theme of the night. This is another match where the outcome should have been easy to determine from the graphic. Swerve is having to use quickness to take on Brain Cage. Brain Cage does get some offense in unlike the opponent for Hook. Cage did show some of his mobility with the high knee intercept. High impact stomp from Swerve from the inside out was nice. The fans chant this is awesome during this match. They are not as lively as the Backlash crowd but they are a vocal crowd. Swerve possibly breaking the arm before a House Call for the win. Another trend for the night is attacking after the match. Nick Wayne would start this by low blowing Swerve from behind as Christian's music played. Nick would also bust a family portrait of Swerve over Swerve's head.

This is a more interesting match than the one at Double or Nothing. The match bucks the trend and starts with basic chain wrestling. Harley Cameron gets aggressive in her match. She slammed Toni Storm into the stairs. Harley Cameron has control of the match for a good portion of it. Toni out of no where gets a Sky High for a near fall. A fake out allows Toni Storm to hit the Storm Zero for the win. A good match. I would love for this to lead to a Saraya against Toni Storm for the title match.

Great face to face segment between the two men. It added more than just a random title on the line. Will Ospreay made it about not only winning the title but about winning respect as well. Roderick Strong now that he is past his yellilng for Adam Cole is showing he is also a great story teller.

Both ladies are dressed immaculately. Willow tries to make it sound like the TBS Championship is something important. Mercedes counters with the BS claim that she broke down barriers. That angers me. I just have to remember this is only storyline. Everyone knows Mercedes Mone is standing on the shoulders of great female wrestlers like Mae Young, Fabolous Moolah, Mildred Burke, Chyna, Madusa, and so many more Willow punctuated the segment with putting the CEO thru the table.

The fans seem to chant Okada as Kazuchicka walks to the ring. This is the most direct match for Anarchy in the Arena tonight. Going into it I hope it ends in shenanigans. The early goings of the match are a nice mixture of brawling and technical wrestling. Dax spinebuster to Okada seemingly hurts them both. Beautiful DDT off the barricade. Dax and Okada headbutt each other before switching to trading punches. A good back and forth match. The match does end with some light tomfoolery. Okada with the win. The Elite beat down after the match. Darby Allin's music hits. He appears to be the fourth man. It is nice to see him back. Excalibur gave a stupid line by saying he thought Darby was supposed to climb Mount Everst. We all know that got squashed when he legit broke his ankle.


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