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Announcer Change For WWE Raw Update

There was another an announcer change for tonight’s WWE Raw and an update on when fans can expect the return of Pat McAfee.

Last week, McAfee was absent from WWE Raw due to the sad news of his father-in-law passing away.

He was replaced by The Miz, who joined Michael Cole for much of the show on that occasion, with Cole then calling a portion of it on his own as Miz did actually have a match.

McAfee remained off of commentary for last night’s July 1 WWE Raw, with another replacement alongside Cole.

Last night, SmackDown lead announcer Corey Graves made his return to WWE Raw to join Michael Cole at the commentary desk.

During the first few moments of the show, Cole did state that Pat McAfee is expected to return on next week’s episode.

In the show’s opening segment, Jey Uso and Chad Gable exchanged words in the ring before the latter was again targeted by the Wyatt Sicks.

Elsewhere in a backstage segment, Finn Balor and Damian Priest exchanged tense words which ended in Balor telling Priest that he’s “changed” since winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, despite Balor being the one that has been open to letting Liv Morgan into Judgment Day.

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