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All Together Again Results.

Masa Kitamiya, Yoshiki Inamura, and Daiki Inaba (NOAH) were beaten by Hirooki Goto, Tomohiro Ishii, and YOSHI-HASHI (CHAOS/NJPW).

A brawl that started the contest gave CHAOS an early advantage. As the three tried to isolate Yoshi-Hoshi, the NOAH team started to retake the battle.

Kosei Fujita and Zack Sabre Jr. (TMDK/NJPW) were beaten by Chris Ridgeway and Sean Legacy (NOAH).

With a stylish sequence that teased what was to come, Ridgeway and ZSJ officially started the match. After tagging in, Legacy and Fujita, they made an effort to match the energy. Unsurprisingly, the NOAH team focused on isolating Fujita and quickly gained the upper hand. Legacy was able to maintain command for his team even after being tagged. As soon as they were back in the ring together, ZSJ and Ridgeway resumed their grappling action. Before tagging him back in, ZSJ prepared Fujita for success, which resulted in a prolonged TMDK control phase. In the end, ZSJ had to free Fujita from an ankle lock, which started a slap battle. ZSJ was removed from the ring by Legacy, giving Ridgeway the opportunity to kick and return his attention to Fujita's ankle. Fujita made an effort to hold on, but ultimately tapped to Ridgeway's anklelock.

Shoto Umina defeated Yoshitastu

Shoto Umina defeated Yoshitastu in a quick match. Yoshitastu would rush Shoto but any advantage gained would not last. As Shoto would try and mount a comeback Yoshitastu would mock Umina for a week offense. Then suddenly Shoto Umina would hit a death rider for the victory and quick escape.

Go Shiozaki & Katsuhiko Nakajima (AXIZ/NOAH) defeated Hokuto Omori (AJPW) & Satoshi Kojima (NJPW)

Omori made the decision to square off with Go by knocking his own partner to the ground. Unsurprisingly, Axiz quickly asserted themselves, defeating their resolute junior inside and outside of the ring.Kojima was able to get some momentum as he tagged in, but the Axiz duo was able to keep him on the back foot. Go attempted a lariat, but Kojima flipped the situation around, landed a cutter and positioning Omori for the tag. Omori held his ground against Nakajima, scoring two suplexes for a convincing nearfall. In an effort to double-team, Kojima halted Omori's momentum, which allowed Nakajima to retake control. Nakajima then scored many kicks and a brainbuster to win by pinfall.

El Desperado, Minoru Suzuki & Ren Narita (Strong Style/NJPW) defeated Junta Miyawaki, Naomichi Marufuji & Takashi Sugiura (NOAH)

Suzuki and Marufuji engaged in a strike exchange to start the match. Suguria was then challenged by Ren, who managed to hold his own fairly well. The NOAH trio was able to isolate Ren and take control of the contest until the tags began to come in. A reset resulted from Suzuki and Sugiura exchanging strikes in the center of the ring. Speedily entering the ring, Miyawaki was struck by powerful blows from Suzuki. Before Strong Style as a whole entered the ring to establish control, Desperado and Miyawaki engaged in a momentum exchange. To save Miyawaki from certain doom, the NOAH trio struck the ring. Desperado and Miyawaki were left alone in the ring as a result of a fight that broke out outside. Pinching Miyawaki with a Pinche Loco strike gave Desperado the victory.

Aaron Henare, Francesco Akira, Great-O-Khan, Jeff Cobb & TJP (United Empire/NJPW) defeated Jun Saito, Rei Saito, Dan Tamura, Hikaru Sato & Ryuki Honda (AJPW)

As soon as the match began it degenerate, VDM started to fight on the ground. The rest of United Empire (EU) intervened to save Akira after the Saito brothers singled him out in the center of the ring. The UE control portion was also quite ridiculous, and O-Khan topped it off by sticking his thumb up his butt. The Saito brothers then turned against their own partner in order to defeat Akira, which they succeeded in doing. A UE rally was sparked by a tag to TJP. The AJPW team entered the ring to make the save following a multiple finisher spot. Then, with everyone hitting the ring, the match ended abruptly. Akira managed to successfully complete the race despite the commotion and win.

BUSHI, Shingo Takagi, and Tetsuya Naito (LIJ/NJPW) were beaten by Suwama, Yuji Nagata, and Yuma Anzai (AJPW).

Anzai started the match by hitting Naito with blows and a dropkick to establish the tone right away. In an effort to isolate Anzai from this point forward, LIJ acted quickly to assist Naito in retaliating. Shingo and Nagata joined in and briefly exchanged momentum. Then Suwama and Shingo exchanged punches, with both men dealing heavy damage. BUSHI was able to compete with Suwama despite being forced to tag out after Shingo. All the men got into the ring as the match broke down as a result. Suwama and BUSHI were left alone in the ring after the fight, but Suwama won the contest this time with a powerbomb.

Sanada, Takayuki, and Yoshinobu Kanemaru (J5G/NJPW) were beaten by Jake Lee, Tadasuke, and YO-HEY (GLG/NOAH).

The younger men  initially traded the upper hand in the bout before a double tag left both heavyweight champions all by themselves in the ring. SANADA launched his attack first, establishing control with a dropkick and a dive. Lee retaliated by dropping SANADA and making an unsportsmanlike pin attempt. Another dropkick from SANADA sparked a protracted back-and-forth until the junior NJPW wrestlers tagged back in. Before striking TAKA with a huge boot in the corner to win the contest, Lee battled off both of his juniors. The IWGP champion has been dethroned (indirectly) by the GHC champion.

AMAKUSA (NOAH), Atsuki Aoyagi (AJPW) & Hiromu Takahashi (NJPW) defeated HAYATA (NOAH), Master Wato (NJPW) & Rising HAYATO (AJPW)

Wato and Aoyagi slowly got to know one another during the opening stages of this battle. Hiromu and HAYATO collaborated to position themselves as the antagonists, trying to push Hiromu away from his ally. A hot tag to AMAKUSA allowed the squad to reenter the fight. Then Wato and Aoyagi returned to the fight, this time with greater ferocity. Before Hiromu rushed the ring to make the save, HAYATO hit the ring and nearly fell with a driver. Then AMAKUSA executed a stunning dive to isolate HAYATO and Aoyagi in the ring. As they reached the top rope, HAYATO and Aoyagi struck a Spanish fly. Aoyagi reached the top and hit a 450 to give his team the victory after HAYATO kicked out.

Kazuchika Okada (NJPW), Kenoh (NOAH) & Yuma Aoyagi (AJPW) defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi (NJPW), Kaito Kiyomiya (NOAH) & Kento Miyahara (AJPW)

Before the bout could start, Kenoh and Tanahashi exchanged furious looks, and Kaito stared Okada in the eye. After a brief yet intense shove match, Tanahashi and Kenoh began the match. Before both wrestlers were tagged out, Tanahashi was able to gain the upper hand on Kenoh. The next duels were between Kento and Okada. Before the fight started, Kento was greeted with cheers, which caught him off guard. Okada took advantage of this by firing a shoddy shot in an effort to take the lead. After receiving a headbutt in response, Okada swung with a rainmaker that Kento managed to dodge. The odds were in favor of both men. Okada threw Kaito off the apron during the stoppage but then collapsed to the ground. Yuma was now free to swing at Kaito, but Kaito disregarded him and chose to hit Okada on the ground instead with a dropkick. Okada countered Yuma's edge in the ring with a floor-based attack of his own. The other guys attempted to conduct a typical match in the ring, but tensions grew. Kenoh brutally kicked Tanahashi in the back. Kaito was tagged back into the contest by Tanahashi after Kaito's response with the dragonscrew. Kenoh was hit hard by Kaito, which prompted Okada to strike the ring. Kaito used dropkicks to knock opponents to the ground. After Kenoh managed to hang on, Yuma was tagged in after dropping Kaito with a dragon suplex. Yuma successfully executed a crossbody, but Kaito answered with a soaring arm. This gave Kaito the chance to tag Kento, who easily defeated Yuma when she managed to escape by tagging in Okada. Before knocking Kento to the ground with an air raid crash, Okada repeatedly kicked Kento in the head. Next, Okada executed a top rope elbow drop before striking the rainmaker position. With an elegant knee for a nearfall, Kento successfully repelled the rainmaker attempt. Kento missed his finish, which gave Okada the opportunity to secure the money clip. Using a double lariat, Tanahashi was tagged and he left the ring. Okada was dealt a triple dropkick by Tanahashi, Kaito, and Kento, followed by a sling blade for a nearfall.Tanahashi attempted to execute a High Fly Flow, but Okada stretched his knee into the hurt ribs of Tanahashi. As a result, there was a forearm fight in the center of the ring that resulted in an Okada landslide. Every man sprinted to the ring after Tanahashi dodged the rainmaker. Tanahashi was able to get the attention of Okada, Yuma, and Kenoh. Yuma attempted an elbow drop and Kenoh attempted a penalty kick, but Tanahashi's team saved the day. Later, Okada concentrated on Tanahashi and hit him with a dropkick, an emerald flowsion, and a rainmaker to pin him.

All three rosters made their way to the ring after the final bell. The show's last promo, in which Okada thanks the audience for standing by them during the pandemic. Afterward, Okada invited Inoki's family to the ring for a "Ichi ni Son DA!" sendoff. Ichi ni son da is translates loosely and basicaly to a thank you chant.

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