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AEW Wrestlers That Seem to Have Just Disappeared

Large wrestling companies are notorious for letting the ball drop on wrestlers. After all there is only a small amount of time each week to put out content. Additionally, in recent years international travel has been restricted making it difficult for foreign talent to enter the United States. Here are a few wrestlers that seem to have just disappeared completely from AEW.

1. Aja Kong

Aja Kong was last seen when AEW did their Women’s championship tournament where she made the semi-finals of the Japanese bracket. Before that she had a feud with Awesome Kong. This feud died when Awesome Kong left to film for GLOW. The fact that Aja Kong is not being used on AEW seems like a travesty. She brings a wealth of experience having debuted in 1986. She was the sole survivor of the 1995 women’s Survivor Series match. While at age 52, Aja Kong may not be able to go the same pace as Britt Baker, Jaimie Hayter, or Hikaru Shida but they could give her the same treatment as Sting pairing her with a younger wrestler and helping elevate them..

2. The Guv'nor Anthony Ogogo

The Guv'nor is a bronze medal winning Olympic athlete in the 2012 London Games whose professional boxing career is 11 wins and one loss. Ogogo’s brief time in the spotlight came when he was feuding with The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes. Some will claim that he was buried in that feud. Due to some vision issues he was written off TV. Outside the ring, during his time off TV, he faced some issues with a visa which prevented him reentry into the US. Once he got those sorted Anthony Ogogo was ready to return but the landscaped had changed with the signing of Adam Cole, The American Dragon and many more leaving little room for him on TV. Ogogo was regulated to Dark and Dark Elevation. His last match at the time of writing was in September of 2022.

3. Cima

Another casualty of the pandemic. No, not death, but just not being able to travel back and forth between countries. His AEW record was two wins and seven losses. While with AEW he has a singles match against Kenny Omega at Fight for the Fallen, and several tag matches. Cima was part of the AEW tag team battle royal in February of 2020 where he eliminated Jack Evans. Cima was eliminated by Luchasaurus. Besides his experience as a 20 plus year veteran, Cima brought an entire promotion, Oriental Wrestling Entertainment. This was Tony Khan’s first foray into a “Forbidden Door”. Besides the international partnership it gave AEW a foothold into the Chinese market. It appears that AEW failed to extend Cima’s contract in 2020.

4. Lance Archer

The Murderhawk Lance Archer. Recently in a press conference for New Japan Lance mentioned his intentions to return to AEW and wreak havoc on them as “Everybody Dies”. This monster of a man seems to never be used properly in AEW. He was last seen in an AEWring beating Nick Comorato on the Buy-In for Forbidden Door. Let’s hope that whenever Lance is brought back to AEW him and Jake Roberts can cause the destruction fans were promised in his early vignettes.

5. Scorpio Sky

Scorpio Sky started out hot as part of SoCal Uncensored (SCU) with Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian. Kazarian and Sky were the ingagural tag team champions for AEW. Like all good stories Sky had some ups and downs that saw him and SCU eventually breaking aprart. Sky would then go on to join Dan Lambert in his American Top stable and team with All Ego Ethan Page as Men of the Year. When Sky was not tagging with Ethan Page he was in contention for the TNT championship. Sky would eventually win the TNT championship from Sammy Guevara. His last appearance with AEW was when he lost the TNT title to Wardlow in a street fight. After it was announced that he would be out with a knee injury. Howerver, according to several other sites Scorpio has been cleared to wrestler for a bit now.


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