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Updated: Sep 13

An AEW star seems to have officially split from their faction at tonight’s AEW pay-per-view All Out 2023.

In the final moments of the big TBS Championship match pitting champ Kris Statlander against challenger Ruby Soho, it seemed that Soho’s ‘Outcasts’ faction members were going to help her out with a big assist.

With Saraya distracting the referee, Ruby Soho had the Outcasts’ signature green spray paint in her hand, primed to use it against the champ.

It was then that Toni Storm emerged from beneath the ring to run out, jump up and steal the spray paint from Ruby Soho, just wildly spraying it around in the air in lieu of allowing

Soho is to use it against Statlander.

While Soho was momentarily distracted by the confusing run-in and theft of her sure bet to win the TBS Championship, Statlander was able to capitalize and hit her ‘Sunday Night Fever’ finisher for the win.

Kris Statlander was able to retain her TBS Championship while Toni Storm bounced away up the ramp with the spray paint as Soho and Saraya remained at ringside, befuddled

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