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AEW Star Gives Honest Response To Fan Criticism

Former AEW Tag Team Champion Nick Jackson has addressed his upcoming match at Full Gear and how his inclusion in the card may not be worth the asking price.

At the upcoming pay-per-view, The Young Bucks will face Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho with implications for either side should they lose. If The Young Bucks are victorious, Omega and Jericho must disband as a team. If The Golden Jets are victorious, they will receive The guaranteed shot at the tag titles that The Young Bucks won at WrestleDream.

Promoting the match on social media, Nick Jackson posted the match graphic of the upcoming bout and hinted that there is more animosity to Chris Jericho than there is to Kenny Omega:

“A friendly competition with Kenny. No break ups. Just good wrestling. But Jericho….”

A fan commented on the post and declared that fans don’t spend $50 on a pay-per-view to watch friendly competitions. Nick Jackson responded to this by stating that the alternative would have been no Young Bucks match at the pay-per-view that is taking place in their hometown:

Not being on the show was the other option.”

Whichever team is victorious at Full Gear looks to be next in line to face whoever walks out of Full Gear as the Tag Team Champions. The announced match will see champions Big Bill and Ricky Starks defend the titles in a 4-way match against FTR, The Kings of the Black Throne and La Faccion Ingobernable.

AEW’s Nick Jackson Hits Back At Previous Abuse

The Young Bucks have become one of the most divisive tag teams in modern wrestling. While some fans enjoy the high-paced matches and lots of big moves packed into a short space of time, more traditional fans have taken issue with the more modern style and find The Young Buck’s matches harder to enjoy than others. When a fan once referred to The Young Bucks as a “cancer of wrestling,” Nick Jackson once again came to the defence of the tag team.

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