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AEW's Adam Copeland Discusses His Approach To Putting Matches Together

Since joining AEW back in October of last year, Adam Copeland has shown off some new layers to his game, attempting to wrestle as many different styles against as many different opponents as possible. As a result, many felt Adam Copeland was producing some of his most inspired work, though it also may have led to him taking things too far when an attempted elbow drop off a cage against Malakai Black led to Adam Copeland fracturing his tibia, putting him out of action for months.

Appearing on "Busted Open Radio" last Friday, Adam Copeland admitted that the spot was him falling into the trap of getting caught up in the moves instead of the emotion. But while Adam Copeland did admit that creating moments that are remembered is a key component of how he puts together matches, he also pointed out how important it is to adapt to opponents as he has since joining AEW.

"My pride tells me that I'm adaptable," Adam Copeland said. "I want to be able to get in with anybody, whether that means Penta and we're exchanging headscissors that I haven't done since 92, or I'm exchanging forearms with Minoru Suzuki, or I'm having a No DQ match against Brody King, on a Wednesday, and that Saturday I'm having a technical match with Kyle O'Reilly. That to me is super fun. 

"I love being able to dive into different styles, and [go] 'Okay, I can adapt to this.' I've done enough of this, and I've done enough of this, and I've done enough of this, and tried to throw those into my pallet over the years, to be able to at least pull off something serviceable, so that Kyle doesn't get in there and go 'Man, I can't chain wrestle with this guy.' Or something like that, right?"

Thank you to "Busted Open Radio" for the transcription

Photo Credit: AEW

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