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AEW Referee Says He Was Injured During the All In Main Event

Veteran referee Bryce Remsburg says he was injured during the main event of AEW All In, which saw new ROH World Tag Team Champions MJF and Adam Cole do battle in singles action for MJF’s AEW World Title.

Bryce Remsburg, who also works as a Travel Coordinator for AEW, was calling the All In main event match from Wembley Stadium in London on Sunday when he was hit with a Panama Sunrise from Adam Cole. The move happened when MJF pulled Bryce Remsburg in the way of Adam Cole delivering the move.

Bryce Remsburg took to X/Twitter and posted a photo that shows him wearing a neck brace. He said he checked in with AEW/ROH Ringside Doctor Michael Sampson and his team, and it was determined that he should skip last night’s Dynamite in Chicago. Bryce Remsburg said he also received the blessing of the AEW referee team before taking the night off.

Regarding Sunday’s AEW All Out pay-per-view, Bryce Remsburg said he hopes to be medically cleared so that he can officiate some of the action. He is also still planning to be at the Starrcast convention on Sunday, where he and others are scheduled to participate in the Creating Dynamite stage show on the AEW Stage from 10am until 11:30am local time. Bryce Remsburg is then scheduled for a meet & greet from 11:30am until 1pm.

“Go big and then go home (in a fair amount of discomfort on a long flight) #AEWAllIn,” Bryce Remsburg wrote on Sunday with a clip of the Panama Sunrise, as seen below.

Bryce Remsburg began working with AEW at Double Or Nothing 2019, but then signed a multi-year contract with the company on August 1st, 2019, to work as a referee and office employee. Bryce Remsburg then announced in August 2021 that he had signed a new multi-year deal and that things had picked up with his role as Travel Coordinator.

You can see the related tweets below:


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