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It's Not All Bad on Friday 13th! - AEW Rampage Review - Friday 13th October 2023

It's Friday the 13th and we're here with our AEW Rampage review from the Cable Dahmer Arena. We have four matches tonight so let's kick things off with our opening contest


I'm still slightly confused by this team of the former JAS members. The Jericho Appreciation Society split up but these have all stayed together? Or do they just have nothing for them at the moment so are keeping them together. I guess time will tell but here we go with our opening match of the night.

Garcia and Brother Zay get things going with a lockup. Several waist-lock exchanges as Zay catches Garcia with a dropkick before tagging in Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy with an elbow from the middle ropes as Jeff is tagged and delivers a dividing splash for a two count. Great teamwork from The Hardys and Zay. Garcia gets the tag to Parker and the momentum has shifted. Zay is isolated by the former JAS trio before Matt Hardy gets the tag. Matt Hardy powerbombs Ang from out of the corner for a near fall as Garcia is tagged. Garcia is about to start dancing when Menard interrupts him. The crowd are certainly not happy about this. We all love the Garcia wiggle. Matt Menard is clearly not happy with him. Is this the start of the implosion of the former JAS trio? Jeff is in and delivers a series of clotheslines to Angelo Parker. It’s followed by a dropkick and a pin but Menard breaks it up. Zay tagged and connects with some beautiful poetry in motion on Parker. Matt Hardy follows up with the twist of fate as Jeff tries for the Stanton bomb but doesn’t connect. Hagers interference on the outside made Jeff fall. Matt Hardy with a baseball slide dropkick to Hager to setup another poetry in motion over the top rope. Zay takes out Hager and Menard. Garcia hits Matt from behind and sends him to the outside. Garcia with a clothesline to Zay and follows with a DDT for the win. Menard is certainly not happy post match. No celebration from him. Looks like we’re gonna have a break up soon.

We’re backstage with Renee interviewing Penta. Penta was about to give an update on his brother Fenix but as with most backstage interviews we have an interruption from the Bang Bang Gang. They poke fun at the fact that Penta and Fenix don’t have any gold as Penta challenges any one of them in a match. Back from the break Rene is with Garcia, Menard, Hager, and Parker. They are happy with the win as the team tries to tell Menard to calm down and let the anger go with Daniel’s dancing. Menard is furious at the idea as he storms off and tells them to squash it to end this segment as we move on to our next match.


Lethal gets the jump on Beretta. Several foot stomps in the corner. Lethal looks into the camera to remind Eddie Kingston how he’s coming for his ROH World title. This gives Trent an opportunity to rebound and hit Lethal with a few chops and grounds Lethal momentarily. Beretta sent face first into the turnbuckle, followed by a scoop slam. Lethal looking for the figure four leg lock but Trent counters. Trent with a hurricanrana and a pin but Lethal kicks out. Jeff Jarrett tries to get involved. The fight heads outside the ring. Huge spear from Trent to Lethal. Lethal turns things around and targets the leg of Trent. Trent gets his leg smashed into the ring post and his leg looks in a bad way. Trent with a backslide pin attempt that gets a near fall. Trent follows up with a German suplex on one leg. Lethal attempts the lethal injection but gets a half & half by Beretta to setup another near fall. Lethal goes for the figure of four again. Excellent selling from Trent here. Lethal with a  superkick. Lethal tries for a rolling elbow but Trent counters with a running knee. A swing and miss by Trent as Lethal kicks once again targets the leg. Lethal injection and that’s it all over. Win for Lethal and he’s building his momentum for his run at the ROH world title. I’m sure Eddie Kingston was watching this one closely.

Backstage interaction between the two former Proud and Powerful members. Sanatana tells Ortiz that karma didn’t injure his leg but having to carry him on his back all these years. They continue to build this up and we could have one hell of a match between these two. Disappointed these two never had a run with the AEW titles but they could certainly build a hot feud with each other.


Quick match this one. Few good spots for Emi Sakura. Running crossbody on Skye Blue into the steel steps and a very uncomfortable looking surfboard stretch but Skye Blue picks up the win in this one. Super kick followed by the code blue and that was all. Theyre certainly building Skye Blue up. She hasn’t been the same since she got the mist from Julia Hart. Embracing a darker persona. Are we going to see her joining house of black down the line? Several similarities with her story atm and how Julia Hart transitioned to her darker persona.


Bishop Khan and Yuta open things up as Yuta gets in a deep hammerlock in before Khan reverses it with a headlock. Lockup again as the two exchange vicious slaps. Yuta with a senton after a scoopslam for a quick kickout as Claudio is tagged in. Claudio tries going for the big swing but  Khan gets to the ropes for the break. Yuta tagged as Toa absolutely slaps the life out of Yuta’s back as Khan takes control. Gates of Agony dominated Yuta doing the commercial break. Yuta is able to get in a German suplex on Khan. Claudio finally gets the tag as he comes in with uppercuts and lariats on Toa. Cover attempt made as Toa kicks out on one. Claudio with an uppercut as Khan made the blind tag to setup Claudia for a double knee buster to the stomach. Claudio tags in Yuta – not sure how he is still standing after the abuse he has taken this match - as they go for the giant swing/dropkick combo. Toa breaks up the pin as Prince Nana tries getting in the ring. Claudio chases him off as Khan gets in a double hook face buster on Yuta for the near fall. Yuta is delivering chops left and right on Gates of Agony but they set him up for a double chokeslam. Somehow Yuta is still in this one. Claudio comes in as Khan eats an uppercut as Toa is sent to the outside. Claudio sets up Yuta for the fastball special to secure the win. Massive shoutout to Yuta on this one. He took absolutely everything thrown at him today and someone stayed alive. Good match this one. Gates of agony look great too. They have excellent potential and will be big stars for AEW in the future.


Good show this Friday from Rampage. Really enjoyed it. Join me tomorrow for Collision

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