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AEW Fyter Fest 2023

This is the go home show before All In. There was a memorial graphic for the passing of the iconic Terry Funk. There will never be another of him. Kicking off the night with some trios action.

After the Young Bucks cheating to win last week and Kenny "in the hospital" I expect this to be an interestinsg match. The Elite jump start the match. Rick Knox did the good ref move by taking the chair from Juice although it got him knocked out. An early 3:10 to Yma on Nick Jackson. Matt is able to block it and issues a series of Superkicks. Jay White stopped Matt's offense. Commentary is saying the match is thrown out. Konoske Takashita injects himself after Kenny Omega delivered a nice V trigger to white. FTR out for the save of their opponents this Sunday the Young Bucks. All but Omega and Takeshita fight into the backstage area. Omega tries to hit a One Winged Angel on Konoske Takeshita. Takeshita escaped.

They go to an interview of Rene and MJF. The only things of interest on this is he promises to have a boner for all the fans chanting for him. Then he also kayfabe promises to buy everyone a pint. Remember MJF isn't just a scumbag he is our scumbag.

This is a good warm up for the Stadium Stampede. I hope they give a storyline reason as to why Rey will not be in London. That was a nice sell of the curb stomp on Rey Fenix. He just flopped right over. Mox seems to be extra violent tonight. Fenix making even the slight comeback is nice. Fenix is very agile. Rey Fenix took a beating during and after the commercial break that AEW insisted on taking during the match. Nice sequence of events for the first attempt of the Roll Thru Cutter. It did end in a Roll Thru Cutter but the chain of moves was still immaculate. The fans are correct to chant "This is Awesome". Jon Moxley would win by choking Rey Fenix out. Cesaro after the match basically picked Rey Fenix up by his mask with a crowbar. Then enter Ortiz to stop Best Friends. Proud N Powerful are back. Also yes They just wrote Fenix out of the Stadium Stampede. Excalibur did a good job of selling the injury as legit but pitching it to a Draft Kings commercial is questionable to me. They could have went straight to commercial then came back and hyped their sponsor.

Backstage segment of Sammy Guevara having an arguement with other member of the former JAS. Then Tony Schiavone is in the ring for the Will Ospreay and Chris Jericho contract signing. Will is not dressed as immaculate as usual. Will Ospreay sort of just looks like a street thug. Although I do believe it is his new line of clothes. (Confirmed by tweet below.) Chris Jericho is accompanied out by Sammy Guevara. Will is doing heel of this. However it is hard to hate him when he mentions that he is trying to make the money not just for him but his 4 year old step son. One of the security guards is Dean Alexander. The same guy who played Leatherface last week. Jericho is taking credit for Ospreay being the wrestler he is today. Touting that this is the biggest match of Jericho's career also. Chris Jericho is at the top. Will Ospreay is at the bottom according to Jericho. I know Jericho will be coming out to Judas but damn if ever was a night for him to come out to I Still Burn it would be that night. Of course what could have been a perfect ending without a brawl breaks out to a fight. This is why I hate contract signings

The next segment is Adam Cole with Rene Paquette. No quick witty remarks like MJF. Rene does focus on all the times that Adam Cole could have stabbed MJF in the back. I still think that Cole will turn on MJF. Especially after his outburst.

The match breaks down before it ever gets started. AR Fox and Nick Wayne apear to be the legal men. AR Fox delivers an avalanche german suplex on Nick Wayne. Then Nick gets pulled out for Fox to deliver a senton to both of his opponents. Nick Wayne is able to deliver a double Wayne's world followed by Darby Allin doing a double coffin drop. I hope that Nick moves away from Wayne's world before too long or else he will have major back issues. Sometime during the commercial break Nick Wayne was given a bloody nose. Swerve Strickland delivered a Swerve Stomp to Darby Allin as he was in a chair on the outside. AR Fox delivered an amazing Corkscrew Brainbuster on Nick Wayne for a two. Nick is getting beat like a government mule. Nick Wayne essentially steals a win with a bridge pin. Darby Allin held Swerve Strickland back. Swerve then turns on AR Fox after the match. Calls him a loser and says he can't beat an eighteen year old kid. Prince Nana then fires AR Fox. Brain Cage delivers a Drill Claw. Sting, Darby Allin, and Nick Wayne all come back out to save AR Fox. The new match at Wembly will be Darby Allin and Sting against Swerve Strickland and either Luchasaurus or Christian Cage it was not confirmed but allude.

Young Buck and FTR segment was next. The Young Buck is wearing their Maui shirts. All royalties from that shirt goes to Hawaii Community Foundation. Matt Jackson really downplays the importance and greatness of FTR. Dax says he will "crack their foundation."

The first and only women's match is set for one fall and is Skye Blue against Ruby Soho. Another match tonight that started before the bell. Ruby dumped Skye Blue out of the ring during a picture in picture promo. This is kinda slow match. The most exciting move was Sky Blue doing a diving cross body onto Soho who was on the outside. Ruby attempted a series of boots to the face but Skye Blue dodged them all. Skye hits a Skye Fall but Ruby kicks out at 2. Ruby wins the match on her own and with no cheating. A nice change of pace for winning for the Outcasts.

Rene Paquette is then in the back with the Kingdom including Roderick Strong. Strong says they will see the true MJF and Adam Cole at the end of All In.

The Acclaimed storm to the ring and demand for House of Black to come to the ring. The visuals of Alister Black crouched down in the entry way surrounded by Blue light is very sweet. House of Black surround the ring and start to beat the Acclaimed down. Billy Gunn aka Daddy Ass storms to the ring to even the odds. House of Black exit the ring. Billy Gunn issues a match for Wembley. Billy Gunn promises to be Bad Ass Billy Gunn and not the fun loving Daddy Ass.

United Empire representing big time tonight. The 66th RoH Tag Team Champions Aussie Open in action against the legendary Hardys who were in the ring as AEW came back from commercial. Aussie Open may have jump started the match but The Hardys dominated in the early portion of the match. Kyle Fletcher mocked Jeff with his dance immediately after Aussie Open rammed their opponents into each other. Mark Davis is built like a brick house and I expect the power to do that in him. I do not expect Kyle Fletcher to be able to do a feat like picking up his opponent and running around the ring to slam them into the one being carried by Mark Davis. Superplex into a splash feels like a new weapon in the arsenal of the Hardys. Aussie Open retains right on the top of the hour. Great build to the run of having Aussie Open as tag champions.


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