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AEW Forbidden Door Go Home Show

Emanating from Wintrust Arena in Chicago Il. This is the last Dynamite before Forbidden Door. The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega as rumored to only be seen via video package. This looks like a jammed pack preview for Forbidden Door. It also has an intriguing concept of the Blind Luck Eliminator tournament. Andrew Zarian of Wrestling Observer said it will be like WCW's Lethal Lottery. We will have to wait to see if that is right later in the episode/review. Can't wait to start the action.

The opening contest was the Ass Boys against an undefeated Hardys. Austin Gunn and Matt started the match. The fans chanted "Ass Boys" I don't know if Matt's punch to Austin's ass was due to playing into that or just a mistimed dirty break. Jeff seems to have knocked off some of his ring rust from his previous match. Colton and Ausitn do a good job of mimicking opponents and legends to get heat. They do it from their gear mimicking HBK to even copying Jeff's dance. Colton did a nice foot on the rope save after Ausitn suffered a twist of fate. One of those things that fans would not have been happy if Jeff didn't hit a swanton. The Hardys' have to hit their greatest move combos. However, Bullet Club Gold have other plans. a 3:10 to Yuma by the Gunns wins the match. Jeff and Matt suffer their first AEW loss as a team. The after match attack my Bullet Club is punctuated with Juice hitting some massive right hands. Starks and FTR comes out for the save, but it is still four on three as the Hardys are down. CM Punk evened the odds. Yay! The crowd chants CM Punk. CM Punk challenges for Collision and gives a throw away line about being a Collision guy and not supposed to be here. Is there an internal roster split? Tony Khan constantly denies one existing.

Concession stand brawl. This is either going to be good and praised in the future or looked back on as a what were they thinking match. Excalibur said that the first one happened 24 years ago. It is just a bunch of fists being thrown not much to comment about. Karen making a not so surprise attack is par for the course. I don't know why they hid Sonja Dutt's appearance. It is NO DQ. Why did they migrate towards the ring? Isn't that technically out of bounds for a concession stand brawl? The three on one assault just makes Mark Briscoe look more alone than ever. Papa Briscoe out of no where with a choke slam onto Jay Lethal. This is some really weird booking. Out comes Best Friends and Christopher Daniels along with Lucha Bros all to take down Satnam Singh. I am going to be honest the only part of this that made sense was Jeff Jarrett's group interfering.

BCC and Don Callis challenge The Elite for a 5 on 5 match. Bryan Danielson toots his own horn. Claiming to be better than Okada. I disagree myself. Danielson says when Okada does not show up later when he calls him out it will just prove he isn't the best.

All six men in this match are good. However, after the tag match tease last week this is an utter disappointment to have it. The primary purpose of this just has to be furthering the Jericho Guevara storyline. That and to give the Murder Grandpa Minoru Suzuki some AEW TV time. Sammy and Action Andretti starting the match has hopes for some fast paced action. The two men wrestling to a stalemate is a nice touch. It put both teams on an equal footing although on paper Jericho's team is an obvious win. Cute interplay of Suzuki and Jericho posing. Action Andretti getting a hot tag picked up the pace of the match for at least a small amount of time. Darius Martin breaking Suzuki off Action was a great visual of regretting actions. Darius Martin has a nice flatliner from the outside. After all that action the obvious win of Jericho, Guevara, and Suzuki occurred as Martin tapped out to a Walls of Jericho. After the match Jericho cuts a promo about last week. "You're not a harlequin Sting; your a whore!" Six man match set up for Forbidden Door. We have to wait until Collision to find out who will team with Sting and Darby.

Like lethal lottery the Blind Eliminator tournament is putting people together randomly. Tony Schiavone and RJ City picked the first team but did not announce it. The brackets will be put out later.

Return from Commercial break to the Elite to respond to BCC. Eddie Kingston steps up for the challenge. He declares that the fifth person will be one of his choosing. Not sure if this counts as the "Hearing from Eddie Kingston" that was advertised.

It is story time with Adam Cole Bay-Bay. Starting out by giving MJF props for the great match last week. He calls MJF out to discuss a rematch. Maxwell comes out and gets a chant of "Shut the Fuck up." MJF is spectacular at his job drawing heat from the crowd. MJF initially says no to a rematch. Adam Cole threatens to whip his ass. Tony Schiavone interrupts. He announced that Adam Cole's partner for the Blind Eliminator Tag Tournament will be MJF. This is typical Lethal Lottery type pairing. The Joker's Wild version did give the world Beer Money.

When it comes to this match up I wish Zack Saber Jr. was teaming with Orange Cassidy. All but Daniel Garcia are current champions. Orange Cassidy is also the odd man out. This is going to be a technical masterpiece. Unfortunatley a lot of the opening of this match is during picture in picture commercial break. I am enjoying this match. Kinda reminds me of how Dean Malenko used to wrestle. The twisting neck move to break the hold Shibata had on Garcia was innovative. Orange Punch accidentally being delivered to Shibata costs them the match. Nice to see Orange Cassidy lose.

I just love Ospreay. His being a heel in this Omega feud is nice. I really hope he does not end up siding with Don Callis.

Kris Statlander enters the ring and uses ASL to say "more than a woman." Nice if that is true. I enjoy how she is trying to include those who are hard of hearing. I never realized how big a lady Taya was until seeing here against Statlander. Nice moonsault onto the floor. Seeing Statlander do that did make me worry about her knees. I don't want to see her injured again and landing on the floor like that is not easy on her. Lots of back and forth action between the two ladies. Taya has a very unique looking spear in which she executed on Statlander. Statlander wins the match to retain the TBS Championship. The slow build was well worth the match.

No continuity on why Kingston is out there. As he was already scheduled to be heard from yet, he says he is out there to make an announcement related to the earlier set up. BTW the earlier Youngbuck segment did not count as the hearing from Eddie Kingston. Eddie blames Moxly for the rift between the two. The fifth man for the 5 on 5 will be Ishii.

Danielson says Okada is not in the building to save Ishii. However is coins drop and Okada hits the ring. Okada saves the day. To top it off, Yuta gets a rainmaker. Then the show is over. A bit abrubt to me.

Downside: Two picture in picture commerical breaks during the Orange Cassidy/Shibata against Garcia/ZSJ match.

Upside: The announcement of who will join Sting and Darby actually makes me want to watch Collision.


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