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AEW Fight for the Fallen 2023

This year all the proceeds from the night goes to help the Maui Flood Relief. If you would also like to donate It emanated from Nashville, Tn. Tonight is also the debut of the Texas Chainsaw Death Match between Jeff Hardy and Jeff Jarrett. Justin Roberts is the ring announcer for the night.

Up first is Orange Cassidy against Wheeler Yuta for the AEW International Championship. This is a bit of a teacher versus student dynamics. Orange tried to end the match quick. This is quite the different pace for Orange. Both men tried for a kick at the same time which knocked them down. Wheeler's kick looked around the hip area while Orange did more toward the gut. Not sure if Orange Cassidy is selling the neck injury or it is really bothering him. Both Wheeler Yuta and Orange are selling neck injuries. Wheeler Yuta mocked Cassidy with his slow kicks while outside. Beach break by Cassidy when Yuta returns to the ring getting a two count. Excalibur calls Orange Cassidy's reign a historic reign. That is a stupid statement as Orange is the first champion. Every day and every successful defense Cassidy sets new records associated with the AEW International Championship. As was foreshadowed earlier the rest of BCC came out for a bit of a distraction. This is typical faction stuff. Orange Cassidy connected with an Orange Punch but could not capitalized due to his hurt hand. Quick roll up after a series of fast paced high impact moves and Orange Cassidy wins. Best Friends comes out to save Orange from the beat down. Not to be left out of the action the Lucha Bros join in the brawl. Eddie Kingston comes out as the fight seems to be over and he attacks Claudio Castagnoli. I don't know if it was production error or just Eddie being bad on the mic but that was embarrassing. He announced that there will be a Stadium Stampede at All In. That will be great for potential cameos of all the British talent. BCC is doing high risk match after high risk match it feels.

JR and Kenny's segment aired. Kenny starts out about how weird is relationship with Don Callis was as a child. Kenny wants to move on from Don Callis. Kenny and Takeshita have a history going back to DDT. Don Callis interupts and gives a dig at Cody's documentary. Jay White and Juice Robinson attacked Kenny Omega. Takeshita joins in. Adam Page is then outside the hospital. He tells Don about how he needed to finish the job. The match at All in will be The Golden Lovers and Adam Page against Takeshita and Bullet Club Gold.

From one Don Callis segment to another, It is now time to hear what Chris Jericho decided about joining the Don Callis family. However, like most reality tv they cut to commercial after teasing the segment. They return with the obvious Chris and Don in the ring. Jericho says that what happened last week makes him want to reevaluate how he is as a person. Chris Jericho joins the Don Callis family. This may be the first time Jericho has had a manager if it were to have gone Don Callis' way. Jericho halts the celebration to uncover a painting of Don Callis holding Jericho's severed head. Chris then demands Don tell him the truth about if he thought Chris Jericho would join or not. After being called an asshole Don slapped Chris Jericho. Takeshita tried to stop Don from getting beat down but that didn't happen. Will Ospreay is the equalized. Will smacks Jericho in the head with a chair busting him open. Sammy Guevara comes out to run the three attackers off.

Darby is not allowed to make his entrance as he is attacked by the Gates of Agony. Darby Allin and Nick Wayne receive a beat down during all of the commercial break. This is a typical Darby Allin match so far. Nick Wayne collapsed to the ground which made the Gates of Agony clothesline each other. Stupid production cut to Swerve and AR Fox as Nick Wayne was about to hit a big move on Leona. Nice finish. Nick Wayne and Darby using the same corner post for a moonsault and coffin drop. Sting is non the big screen. He has a new variation on his make up. Sting shows that he has Prince Nana captive and that is why he was not out there. This version of sting is showing glimmers of the Joker Sting from Impact/TNA. That was a good character for Sting.

Another sub par MJF and Adam Cole promo. MJF says that they need to watch how Kangaroos fight. Adam Cole wants to watch Crocodile Dundee. Poor Charlie gets clotheslined into the pool. Then a fake angry Tony Khan. After commercial AEW went to a live Adam Cole and MJF segment. Tonight is a lot of segments. The seeds of break up is breaking through the ground as Adam Cole says he will do whatever it takes to win the title. This segment went way past the point of keeping an interest. Ten minutes of promo that people have been expecting. Luckily for the fans Aussie Open attacks the two men. MJF and Adam Cole go for the double clothesline but Mark Davis escapes. Cole did tease an attack from behind after Aussie Open left. But where was the Kingdom and Roderick Strong?

Chris Jericho challenges Will Ospreay for All In. Says the match has been his since 2020. Would have happened at the Tokyo Dome if not for a world wide lockdown. Love that Will will be on the card hate the way it was laid out storywise.

I am not looking forward to this match. Surprising it isn't a cinematic match. Nice mood lighting in the backstage. Satnam Singh with the early interference. He was dressed in overalls probably from the Briscoe farm segment. Brother 'Zay and Ethan Page stops Singh. Karen Jarret is screaming like an idiot the entire time. Acting like she is getting chased by a killer in a horror movie. Jay Lethal makes his presence felt during the commercial break. They finally emerge from the back from behind the announce team. Since all men on both sides of the factions are involved why didn't they make it a four on four or whatever was needed for it to be even? That table looked like it did not want to break as Jeff Hardy did a swanton onto Jeff Jerrett. Leatherface comes out to save Jeff Jarrett and with further assitance by Lethal and Singh Jeff Jarret wins. This will go down as one of the wtf moments in history.

The Bunny was returning from an injury. Penelope Ford accompanied her friend the Bunny to the ring. She also is not really a viable contender for the Women's title. This match therefore did not draw my attention. Britt Baker DMD won with a Curb Stomp. The AEW Women's World Championship four way is set. Saraya, Toni Storm, Hikaru Shida and Britt Baker.

Surprise Tag match with the Acclaimed. The lights went out right after Anthony Bowens said everyone loves the Accliamed. Julia Har and the rest of House of Black replaced the Jobbers. House of Black beats down the Acclaimed. Maliki Black just stands and watched the beat down by Buddy Mathews and Brody King. Max Caster was busted open.

Another jump start match. This time the Young Bucks attacked the underdog Gunn Club. The younger Jackson (Nick) and Older Gunn (Colton) were the first legal men before Matt made a blind tag. Commentary is putting the aggressiveness of the Bucks over as anger for Kenny being sent to the hospital. The Gunns stringing together some offence is nice to show they are contender who can hang with potentially the next tag champions. Tonight Matt Jackson is the one taking the bumps before the hot tag. Nice dive over the Gunn Club for the hot tag. Nick Jackson with a series of his greatest hits. At this point I feel like the Bucks and their moves are like Ric Flair and his moves. If you don't see them you feel cheated. Colton was able to save the match and tag himself in. 3:10 to Yuma on Matt. Nick makes the save. Fame Asser to Nick no cover. The Young Bucks win by giving the Gunn Club a taste of their own medicine by cheating to win. Enter the rest of Bullet Club Gold. They target the injured arm of Matt Jackson. FTR out for the save. The Young Bucks and FTR stand wearily facing each other to end the show.

Downside too many talk segments. Texas Chainsaw Match. Repeats of tactics.

Upside the action in all but one match was good.


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