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AEW Collision forced to CHANGE NIGHTS due to MAJOR PPV

In a significant shift, AEW Collision is moving to a new night for one night only, making way for the Full Gear pay-per-view (PPV).

AEW’s programming schedule sometimes varies, and this week is no exception. Typically, AEW Rampage is filmed after the AEW Dynamite taping. However, this week, Rampage will air live on November 10th.

This shift is part of a broader change in AEW’s programming strategy, designed to maximize viewer engagement and bring fresh content to the fans.

AEW Collision and Rampage: A New Friday Night Line-up

The most notable change comes with AEW Collision. Originally scheduled for Saturday, November 18th, Collision will now air live on Friday, November 17th.

This move is to accommodate the Full Gear PPV, set for Saturday, November 18th. Collision’s new Friday slot means it will go head-to-head with WWE SmackDown, followed by an additional hour of AEW programming.

This change not only shakes up AEW’s schedule but also adds a new dynamic to the wrestling entertainment landscape.

AEW Full Gear: The Catalyst for Change

Full Gear, taking place in Southern California, is the major PPV event prompting these adjustments.

As one of AEW’s flagship events, Full Gear garners significant attention, and the decision to prioritize its airing on Saturday is a strategic move by AEW.

This decision underscores the importance of PPV events in the wrestling world and AEW’s commitment to delivering high-quality, live wrestling content to its audience.

AEW Collision Change: The Impact on Fans and Wrestlers

These changes have a ripple effect on both fans and wrestlers. For fans, it means changing their viewing schedules and perhaps choosing between AEW and WWE offerings on Friday night.

For wrestlers, it’s an opportunity to showcase their talents on different nights, potentially reaching a broader audience.

This shift also adds an element of unpredictability to the wrestling week, keeping fans on their toes and eagerly anticipating what’s next.

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