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Adam Copeland Says He’s ‘Free’ In AEW But Was Never ‘Jailed’ By WWE

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Adam Copeland may feel ‘free’ as part of the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) team, but he wants to let fans know that he never felt ‘jailed’ during his time as part of WWE.

After making his AEW debut at WrestleDream 2023, Adam Copeland said he had freedom in AEW, which some fans took as a dig at his time in WWE.

On a recent edition of the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, Adam Copeland spoke about his previous comment and provided some context. He said,

“‘Freedom’ is a good word, but that makes it feel like I was jailed with WWE and I never felt that way. I want everyone to understand, I loved it there [in WWE], but I also understood that it was going to be more of the same and creatively, I don’t know how much fun that would have been. This gig has just always been fun. And when I finally made the decision, I sat down with kind of the three decisions in front of me, the three paths.

“When I finally committed to the path that was AEW, that’s when I went, ‘Oh, wow, okay.’ But even then, not until truly getting there and getting a feel for the place and understanding, ‘Oh, okay, I’m going to be afforded even more freedom than I was afforded in WWE,’ which, I was afforded a lot of freedom, but there’s still a lot of layers to answer to.”

Since joining AEW, Adam Copeland has become a TNT Champion though his reign ended shortly after as he’d lost the gold back to Christian Cage.

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