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Adam Cole Shares When He Found Out About AEW All-In At Wembley Stadium

Adam Cole spoke about a wide range of topics In an interview with BBC while he was promoting the AEW All In pay-per-view event next month at Wembley Stadium which has already sold over 75,000 seats.

Adam Cole reflected on when he found out he would be making the announcement about the event. 

“I was informed pretty late in the day that I would be making a special announcement,” Cole said. “And it came down to the point where I was brought into the room, and they’re getting me in front of a camera, and they’re getting the lights set up, they’re doing soundchecks. And I’m waiting for somebody to tell me what the announcement is. No one’s told me. I’m going to make the announcement, but I don’t know what it is. So finally, I pipe up and I go, ‘Hey, what is the announcement?’ 

“And I was just very casually told, ‘Oh, yeah, AEW’s going to do a show called All In, and by the way, it’s in Wembley Stadium.’ My jaw hit the floor. I was like, ‘Are you kidding me? The Wembley Stadium?’ And they go, ‘Yeah, yeah.’ And then two minutes later, I made the announcement. So it all happened so, so quickly. So the genuine excitement that you see on my face in that announcement is incredibly real, considering I had just found out about it right before. It was awesome,” said Cole.


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