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Adam Cole Reveals That He Still Deals With Self-Confidence Issues

Adam Cole has opened up about his struggles in the wrestling industry.

The AEW superstar appeared on the Swerve City podcast to discuss this very topic, where he looked back on his time in the industry and how even to this day he struggles with self-confidence issues. Adam Cole adds that his time as a heel in wrestling is a little easier for him to grasp because of how much he enjoys playing the part.

For me, certainly, I think lots of times I battle with — and Shane (Swerve Strickland), I don’t know if you agree with this or not but I definitely have some self-confidence issues, even to this day, after doing it for 15 years. I think part of the Adam Cole character as a heel that I enjoyed so much is I was this cocky, brash, no one can touch me, I am the best in the world character that is so not who I am as a person.

Staying on the subject, Adam Cole states that it is his love of the business that drives him to try and be perfect, but how that can lead to an internal battle of chasing perfection.

It’s like when I walk through that curtain, it was like I felt invincible for a second and then you walk back through and again, I think at the end of the day, it comes down to because I care and we care so much about this job that you wanna be perfect and you’re constantly chasing that perfection of whether it’d be matches or promos or what have you, you wanna be the best. You really, really do so I think I’m still growing and learning as time goes on but early on, it was such an internal battle constantly of being able to balance that act between always wanna better yourself and not absolutely tearing yourself apart for feeling like you’re not perfect if that makes sense.


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