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IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champion Trey Miguel & NXT North American Titleholder Wes Lee are former tag team partners, friends for life... and currently following a parallel path to superstardom

They say that traveling a tougher journey will make you stronger in the end. If that's the case, then Trey Miguel and Wes Lee ought to be damn near bulletproof by now.

Former members of the fun-loving, high-octane group, known originally as MSK and later (in IMPACT Wrestling) The Rascalz, the two men once flew the friendly skies of the independent scene together. They were a quartet, alongside fellow young sensations Myron Reed and Zachary Wentz. While the members shifted from time to time, Miguel and Lee (then known as Dezmond Xavier) were key components of the faction.

As a trio, Lee, Miguel, and Wentz were enjoying their greatest success in IMPACT, where their athletic in-ring style and hilarious backstage vignettes made them a favorite with the fans. Particularly younger viewers, who happily laughed along with their combination of verbal and herbal humor.

However, when Lee and Wentz were signed away to NXT, Miguel was alone, like a man on an Island. There were even whispers that he was passed over by WWE management because he didn't have the 'drive' they were looking for, a ridiculous notion most of his peers scoffed at.

For whatever reason, the successful trio was divided between promotions, with the former Rascalz members re-christened under a new banner, and Miguel moving on to singles competition. In the years since then, Miguel has proven any doubters or naysayers wrong, transitioning into one of IMPACT's most pivotal performers.

The Fresh Prince of Mid-Air captured the X-Division Championship and has proven himself as one of the greatest titleholders in its illustrious history

He's also been part of some of the most spectacular showdowns in IMPACT's modern era, taking on the likes of Chris Bey, Rich Swann, and several fellow stars in classic matches. While athletes that can routinely display flashy moves are becoming more and more common, Miguel also possesses a tremendous amount of natural charisma. Without a doubt, he's a bona fide fan favorite.

Meanwhile, Lee and Wentz looked like they may have struck gold themselves by moving over to World Wrestling Entertainment's third brand. They were immediately accepted by the audience, and they almost seemed to have received a shot of adrenaline from their new surroundings.