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5 Takeaways From Scotia Pro Wrestling's Second Show

1st takeaway is the crowning of the first-ever Scotia Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.

This was originally an elimination fatal 4-way between Scotty Riccio, Sami Rykers, Frank Cross and Lucha DS till Logan Smith demanded earlier in the day to be added to the match so there was a post on Facebook for fans to pick what happened. He came out just before the match was away to start to see if he was added or not which he was added and it made it an elimination 5-way match. This match was back and forth with all the men showing what they could do and how much they wanted the championship, Scotty Riccio was the 1st eliminated, followed by Sami Rykers 2nd, Logan Smith 3rd eliminated. Logan Smith then tried to help Frank Cross by attacking Lucha DS but that didn't work. Lucha DS powered through and beat Frank Cross to become the first and NEW Scotia Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion

We would like to congratulate Lucha DS on becoming the Frist Scotia Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.

2nd takeaway George Hatcher could have ended Mercer's carer

George Hatcher and Mercer had a good back and forth match with both men taking it to each other in a grudge match. Mercer was on the offence when George Hatcher hit him with a chair to get disqualified, once the match was over George Hatcher attacked Mercer while 2 of the young wrestlers tried to help Mercer as he was cut open. George Hatcher kept telling them to get out of the ring every time they tried to get in. George Hatcher then put the chair around the neck of Mercer, He then climbed to the second rope, and The Director of Operation came running out and ordered George Hatcher not to do it and come down. George Hatcher was shouting to a retired wrestler Nathan Reynolds who was in the crowd watching, George Hatcher came down off the second rope jumping on the chair that was around Mercer's neck.

Could that be the end of Mercer, We will need to wait and find out but we do wish Mercer the best and a speedy recovery.

3rd takeaway is the crowning of the number 1 contenders for the Scotia Pro Wrestling Tag Titles.

This match was between The Knockout Kings v TJ Rage and Krieger

This match started with the Knockout Kings taking the mick out of TJ Rage and Krieger this went on for a little bit then when the match got serious both teams showed what they can do and both teams had the upper hand on each other. This made out to be a really good match. The match ended with The Knockout Kings getting the better of TJ Rage and Kreiger and becoming number 1 contenders for the tag titles. After the match, TJ Rage and Kreiger got back in the ring and shook the hands of The Knockout Kings showing their respect for each other.

4th takeaway Angel Hayze getting the win on her debut for the company.

Angel Hayze made her debut for the company and straight away made a statement, she went up against a tough opponent in KT Mills. Both women showed what they can do and had the upper hand on each other, Overall Angel Hayze managed to get the better of the upper hands and hit her finisher to get the win over KT Mills which the crowd loved and this also gave KT Mills her 2nd loss in a week as she also lost to Rubi Roberts last Saturday.

5th takeaway is one of the big announcements that was made tonight

The Director of Operations came out to make 2 announcements the big announcement is that on Sunday 10th December coming in for the show is The Cowboy James Storm he has been in companies like Impact and NXT, and this is a big announcement for a new company and a great announcement too. All information to come in due course,

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If you are near where the shows take place do come along with your family you are in for a fun-filled time and you won't be disappointed

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