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5 Shoot Disputes that Affected Shows.

Wrestling is full of surprising events. Sometimes they are unexpected like Undertake throwing Mankind off the top of the cell. Other times they are seemingly out of no where as talents and companies have disputes. Here is a look at 5 times shoot incidents impacted shows and companies.

Bash at the Beach 2000 Four years after the infamous formation of the NWO, Hulk Hogan would find himself making news again. There are many sides of to this story and thus makes it hard to say what actually happened backstage. Eric Bischoff says this is one of the few times that Hulk Hogan used his Creative Control Clause. Others say that it was a common occurrence for the Hulkster.

Regardless what fans seen was Jeff Jarret go out and lay down for Hulk Hogan. Hogan was visibly angered and did make the pin. This was the last time Hulk Hogan would appear for WCW as he would sit out the rest of his contract by choice.

LUCHA UNDERGROUND Lucha Underground was a short lived Los Angeles based promotion with tons of talent going through its doors. Originally, Lucha Undergournd was partnered with AAA but that relationship broke down. After 4 season the TV show was not renewed. This is where the promotional issues came into play. Several of their talent were contracted to them exclusively. This meant that they could not wrestle for another promotion no matter what. The kicker was that Lucha Underground only had to pay the talent if they used them. Jorge Luis Alcantar Bolly aka Santos Escabar, among others, sued to get out of their contract. The judge in the case would rule in favor of the wrestlers. Lucha Underground is also now defunct with glimpses of what it used to be in MLW. Highly recommend checking it out.

Gail Kim Eliminates Herself from Battle Royal As you can hear in the clip below Gail Kim discusses the incident. She would later leave the company.

CM Punk Media Scrum More recently, an incident that altered the course of the show was what is deemed "Brawl Out" As fans of the sport know this vacated two titles the AEW Trios and AEW World Heavyweight title. On the brighter side of this, it gave the world Collision filling that wrestling gap on Saturdays.

Jeff Jarrett Fired On Air Who said Vince McMahon can't do long term story telling? Oh wait neverminded, this was just him holding a grudge. Vince was still angry from when Jarrett "held him up" for more money before losing the Intercontintal Title to Chyna. The actions by Vince would spawn TNA as he refused to buy out Jarrett's contract. Jarrett and McMahon would eventually make nice as Jeff was hired as Senior Vice President of Live Events in 2022 before jumping to AEW also in 2022 as their Director of Business Development.


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