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5 Changes AEW Should Make

I have been to a handful of AEW show throughout its 5 years of existence. I have also been to several WWE and a few TNA shows. While TNA was the cooler experience that is not the topic of this small list. This five point list is things I would do to make the AEW experience better.

First thing AEW should do is bring back the community drives. In the early days, AEW would find a local charity and assist with often much needed supplies. One time they did a diaper drive and you got a photo with Mark Henry. Winter is Coming 2021 if you brought an unwrapped toy and were part of the first 300 you got an autograph. I believe they also once did a canned food drive. This was awesome in my opinion. Yes, the reward was limited and often ran out before the people bringing the items, but even without a reward fans still gave.

Second AEW should bring back their pre-show meet and greets. I often forget how fortunate I am to be able to travel to out of state comicons or the Jericho Cruise. Some fans only get to see AEW on TV or once a year live when it rolls into their neck of the woods. Yes the meet and greet as an additional fee but, that may be the only time you get a chance to interact with that star in your life. While it may be putting a little extra money in the hands of Tony Khan the small personal interactions with the star you choose to meet will be a memory to cherish.

Third item I would change with AEW is bring back the VIP tickets. I had the VIP ticket in St. Louis and it was awesome. I got to the arena and didn't have to worry about food as they fed participants. I got two free adult beverages. Free(ish) merch. Then to top it all off a picture with the AEW Heavyweight Championship. Granted they needed to provide better instructions as when fans got to the arena it was crazy and the VIP experience overlapped the Meet and Greet so logistics had to be worked out there for fans who did both. It was still awesome. TNA used to have something like this. If you bought second or third row seats you got in early and could purchase merch. Then the select wrestlers would be lined up at a table and sign one item each. That is why TNA has been my best show experience.

Fourth thing on my agenda to change. Stop confiscating sign. Yes, inspect them for hate speech, incite violence, or things that would need blurred out. However, if I want to make and take a Randy Orton sign to an AEW show nothing should stop me. In the US on free TV, hell, bitch, and ass are allowed. Cable TV where TBS and TNT are broadcast allows those plus the words shit and asshole. Following those lines signs like the infamous "CM Punk is a Bitch" sign from Wembley is should be allowed. As adult performers, wrestlers should understand and accept they will be both hated and loved and signs will reinforce those feelings. Additionally, if someone is taking time out of their life to make a sign about an individual the resources spent should be honored.

Lastly aka Fifth is hit more towns. Ignoring the Covid Pandemic, it took 4 years to get AEW into Oklahoma. I don't know the full comprehensive list of all the states that AEW has yet to visit but I am sure there is at least ten. Meanwhile, many cities have gotten annual Pay-Per-Views. The UK got a single show. There is a big enough roster that AEW could tour three different groups and most of the wrestlers would still have a lite travel schedule. Two out of three of those touring groups could be Collision and Dynamite/Rampage like currently but then the third can be AEW Dark and RoH. Yes I would bring back Dark just to give more fans the opportunity to see AEW live in their home state if not home town.

If you agree with this assessment sound off in the comments. Regardless of your feelings if you made it this far, Thank you.


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