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5 Big Takeaways from WWE Smackdown - April 28, 2023: The Draft Begins


Well, the NFL Draft may have kicked off on Thursday, but WWE was not to be outdone. What has been billed as 'the biggest draft of all time' by Triple H got underway during this week's episode of Friday Night Smackdown.

Needless to say, the WWE Universe has been anticipating this night since the game let us know we were going to have another crazy, mix-'em-up. The talent selection process would start with what has evolved into the promotion's flagship show over the last few years. It was certainly a night to remember, after a few weeks of a WrestleMania hangover. Infusing life into the storylines is the goal, and the initial evening definitely did its job of getting the ball rolling.

The Blue Brand had a big night. There were a few surprise names thrown into the mix, and the in-ring action in this episode was top-notch. It was a fun show and a fast watch, which is always nice to cap off a week of twists and turns. Here are five things that really stood out about the latest presentation of WWE Smackdown:

#1 - The Number One overall pick was a clearcut choice

Ironically, while the NFL Draft takes place in Kansas City over the weekend, a former gridiron star was selected as the number-one name in sports entertainment. While he's a long way from crushing opponents on the defensive line at Georgia Tech, Roman Reigns he's done quite nicely sacking the competition in WWE.