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5 Big Takeaways from AEW Dynamite - March 29, 2023

This week's edition of Dynamite featured two hours of solid action and one of the best shows that the promotion has produced recently

AEW Dynamite was broadcast LIVE from the historic wrestling city of St. Louis, Missouri, and under the shadows of the Gateway Arch, they delivered an exciting show.

For a few weeks now, Dynamite has been guilty of some highs and lows throughout the two-hour broadcast. And while that's to be expected, some of the match placement and timing were a little confusing. However, it hasn't really deterred the overall enjoyment of the broadcast. And to be fair, the promotion is still re-building a lot of damage that was done in a very difficult 2022.

That being said, this one was a nice mix of everything. We saw a lot of the superstars, but also some favorites that haven't appeared in a while. (Some even longer than others.)

It's been a good start to the year for AEW and Revolution was a smashing success. The machine keeps rolling on, and that was evident in this episode. Having said that? Here's a closer look at five notable things from this week's AEW Dynamite.

#1 - It didn't take long for AEW's young blood to get things started in St. Louis

Jungle Boy faced off with venerable veteran Matt Hardy in the opening bout, and he got a win in a solid showdown. Nothing flashy here, but the usual Jack Perry fare is enough to make any match entertaining. He is truly a shining star and one of the bright spots in AEW right now. His coming-of-age with the promotion has included adding some bulk to his frame and getting a little edgier these days.

AEW World Champion MJF walked out and grabbed the microphone. He told Perry that it was a 'Kanye move' to interrupt his Re-Bar Mitzfah last week. Then, he told Jungle Boy that he respected him at one time, but the young star had gotten nowhere because of blind loyalty. He told Jack that if he had followed his lead, they would be running the company together now.

JB then cut a furious babyface promo that ended with him calling MJF a "narcissistic piece of shit". Maybe some of his best work on the mic ever. MJF was even impressed but shot back. He then brought Perry's real-life girlfriend, Anna Jay, into the exchange, and that led to him laying the smackdown on The Salt of the Earth - who then scurried away.

This was a FANTASTIC start to the show. And these two have set the table for a battle of young lions for the grandest prize in All Elite Wrestling

#2 - The Blackpool Combat Club is kicking ass and taking no prisoners now

The BCC is finally unleashing the brutality that was promised to us during the William Regal era. They went a little 'softy, babyface' for a while, but they are showing their true colors now. And you can't help but love it.

Oddly enough, The Blackpool Combat Club is now acting a lot like Jon Moxley's most famous faction, The Shield. Like dark anti-heroes, they picked their sides based on their best interests, which is exactly what this group of fighters should do now.

While it was great to see Dalton Castle and the Tate twins back on TV, it was really more of a cameo appearance. The exotic trio didn't get any pomp and circumstance in before they were attacked during their entrance by Mox, Wheeler Yuta, and ROH Champion Claudio Castagnoli. The match was short and painful.

After their win, the trio popped up back again during a backstage segment, laying waste to both Hangman Adam Page and Don Callis. It's pretty clear these guys are out to spill a lot of blood - either theirs or anybody else's.

#3 - And then there were FOUR.

In a really good match, Kenny Omega defended his IWGP United States Championship against the very underrated star, Jeff Cobb. While many may have thought of this a 'throwaway match', these two told a great story - built around Omega's previous rib injury. Cobb worked that throughout the bout, eventually falling in a fantastic finish.

That should have been the toughest part of Kenny Omega's night. Unfortunately for The Cleaner, things were about to get a whole lot tougher.

Mox, Yuta, and Claudio were back again, this time circling the ring like sharks and surrounding the fallen member of The Elite. Kenny was completely helpless until Bryan Danielson made a surprise appearance. He hit the ring as fast as he could, and he cleared out his colleagues)?) in the Combat Club.

But the heroics ended abruptly when Danielson dropped OPmega with a PSycho Knee. Then, the four members of the BCC picked his bones clean. The faction is now at full strength, and may God have mercy on the souls of anyone foolish enough to get in their way.

#4 - Is it time for title turnover in the AEW Women's Division?

It's looking more and more like two serious contenders could end the reigns of some quality champions, as things continue to heat up in the All Elite Wrestling Women's Division. The undefeated Jade Cargill is facing a huge challenge from longtime star Taya Valkyrie that could be the end of her impressive winning streak.

The TBS title is the most likely to change hands soon, as Cargill will soon be 'graduating' to a higher spot on the card and world title status. Meanwhile, you couldn't ask for a bigger name to be the one to take down 'That Bitch'. for the gold. Taya's international accolades and accomplishments speak for themselves, and La Wera Loca would be a worthy titleholder.

As far as the World Championship is concerned, you have to believe that Ruby Soho's recent heel turn is leading to her being the next one to hold the gold. She has the backing of The Outcasts - who could still potentially be adding more members - as well as momentum now. After being a star lost in the shuffle, this switch was necessary. It's time for her to at least have a test run with the title.

#5 - Adam Cole returns, and the AEW fans love it, Bay-Bay!

The show closed with the old adage: "Send 'em home happy."

It was all about the boom, as Adam Cole made his long-awaited return after nine months out of action. Heel or babyface, Cole is one of the most beloved figures in wrestling. His appeal, no matter how many so-called experts try to explain it away, is very, very real.

It was no different here, as the STL crowd showered him with cheers. He handled his business in the ring in a great contest with fiery young Daniel Garcia. Of course, he got the win in his return; it couldn't have gone any other way.

His better half, Dr. Britt Baker DMD, made her way down to the ring and the two shared a warm embrace. Gold and black streamers fell from the rafters. Sure, it's probably considered a little corny for pro wrestling, but who cares? This real-life story is worth a little bit of a soft touch. At least in Cole's triumphant return.

Chris Jericho walked out and got the superstar pop from the audience. He didn't engage with Cole, however, instead tending to Garcia and walking him out as Cole and Baker continued celebrating. It was a really touching finish to a terrific and entertaining edition of AEW Dynamite. A great job by Tony Khan & Company this week.



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