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5 Big Takeaways from AEW Dynamite - March 15, 2023

AEW Dynamite went north of the border this week to present a red-hot episode from ice-cold Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

AEW Dynamite went north of the border to present a red-hot episode from ice-cold Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Three big title matches were a part of Wednesday night's card, as we put Revolution further in our rearview mirrors and looked toward the Spring.

The seasons are changing and a new era of All Elite Wrestling is dawning. After a tumultuous year in 2022, MJF has settled in as the face of the franchise. As he goes, so goes this promotion. With 2023 being a pivotal year in the company's short but complex history, they will lean heavily on their young superstar to carry a lot of the load.

We'll see in the coming weeks if he is truly up to the task.

All in all, things are really looking up for Tony Khan and AEW, as they will be adding some more programming soon on the Turner Network family, and a fresh new mix of talent beginning to take the reigns. As much as this company relied on veteran stars to establish itself in the beginning, it's almost as if we are transitioning to the future - right now.

Having said that, let's take a look at five things that really stood out about this week's show.

#1 - MJF kicked off AEW Dynamite in traditional Hebrew fashion

The AEW World Champion came out in full regalia and wearing a yamulke. He was there to celebrate his birthday, and The Salt of the Earth was escorted to the ring by a bevy of babes. He then informed the crowd that they were there to celebrate his birthday. Then he reflected on his bar mitzvah and said that it would be re-celebrated on this night.

Just as the festivities were kicking off and Hava Nagila was playing, Jungle Boy emerged to crash the party. Jack Perry is way over with the crowd, and he's drinking in their adulation when Sammy Guevara's music. Things were starting to get interesting, when Darby Allin's theme hit, as well.

And there they were. The four young men owner Tony Khan hailed in 2019 as the 'four pillars of AEW' .

Of course, the three contenders all stated they were sick of MJF's crap, and they wanted a title shot. The four-way promo battle that occurred next was terrific, with the young stars trading insults. Of course, MJF conducted the whole thing like a maestro with an orchestra, and all four men gave a tremendous performance here.

Of course, this led to a melee between the men and MJF getting his face shoved in his own cake. The only takeaway here is this: If this is heading to a four-way battle for the belt, then AEW fans are in for a treat.

#2 - The Blackpool Combat Club is a great faction and shouldn't be disbanding anytime soon

Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnolli, and Wheeler Yuta came out for trios action against The Dark Order. Despite the fact that the BCC hasn't had the tremendous momentum it should have by now, it's a great group that's still over with the audience. In an organization that has a lot of throwaway cliques, AEW should keep these guys together.

It's really not the Club's fault that their leader left in the early stages of the angle. So, pushing them now as a unit is probably the best way to resuscitate the gimmick. Besides, it's also a good excuse to keep Mox away from the World Title for a while, and that's a good thing. He can always return to the top of the card later, but right now, he can reboot his character out of the main event scene.

BCC is also a good merchandise seller for the promotion, so they should be kept around in some form. Perhaps by reworking their roster or simply adding another member. Although they have also been teasing a possible heel turn.

On this night, they got the win in what is hopefully an end to their one-sided squabble with Evil Uno and his gang.

#3 - La Wera Loca in Da House!

With Jade Cargill making quick work of a local Canadian star, she jumped on the microphone and insulted the country. Then, she made threats toward interviewer Renee Paquette, who is also a native of The Great White North.

Suddenly, Taya Valkyrie made her debut in All Elite Wrestling and did a little jaw-jacking with the female phenom. It's pretty clear that she will be getting the next big shot at Jade's TBS Title.

Wera Loca looks great and got a great reaction from the AEW audience. There's no doubt that Valkyrie seems to be over wherever she goes - be it in the United States or Mexico. So, she is a welcome addition to All Elite Wrestling's women's division, which is embarking on a major, over-arching storyline right now.

So, the big question surrounding this confrontation is simple: With Taya's championship resume and powerful presence, could she be the one to finally hand Cargill her first defeat?

#4 - Jeff Jarrett tries to put the squeeze on Orange

Easily one of AEW's hardest workers, Orange Cassidy was out for another TV match and another defense of his newly-rechristened International Championship. It's been a terrific reign for the Orange One, and he's still as popular as ever with the AEW audience.

Cassidy took on the ageless heel of Jeff Jarrett, who worked all the heat he could out of this crowd. As things broke down in the match, Jay Lethal used the Golden Glove award to try and steal a win. (This is when you realize that damn trophy has gotten more screen time recently than most of the stars of the AEW roster).

It was all thwarted by Trent Baretta, as Cassidy scores a big win over Double J with The Orange Punch. Whether you like this guy or hate him, you have to give him his due. He's one of the most reliable and popular stars on the roster, and he's gone about his business with a workmanlike effort.

#5 - What's up with The Elite and Hangman Adam Page?

It was time for trios action to close the show, as The Elite were on to battle both the Jericho Appreciation Society and the champions, House of Black.

As can be expected, with these nine guys in the ring, everything and the kitchen sink came out. If someone had never seen AEW action before, and you wanted to show them an example of what the company is like? Well, this contest was a blueprint of what the early days of the company were built on: Multi-man matches that emphasized high spots.

Having said that, these guys didn't just do cartwheels. This was a quick and entertaining showdown that was a 'blink-and-you-missed-it' kind of bout. With all the action boiling over, House of Black got a big win here to retain the gold.

What happened post-match, however, is what left us with a cliffhanger ending.

The Blackpool Combat Club started brawling at ringside with The Dark Order. Hangman Page got in on the action, staring down the BCC. The Elite stood by Page, as Mox, Yuta, and Claudio exited the ring. This is either headed toward an all-out war between the factions, or an angle where Page is caught in the middle, and forced to choose a side. Either way, it should make for some good TV, featuring some of the company's marquee stars.


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