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5 Big Takeaways from AEW Dynamite - Feb 1, 2023

A solid episode of AEW Dynamite helped set up multiple storylines and advanced some angles as we get closer and closer to Revolution

It was a night when All Elite Wrestling looked to dot the 'i' in Ohio, as Dynamite was broadcast live from the Buckeye State.

After weeks of having the afterburners on high, Tony Khan may have taken his foot off the pedal a bit this week. But not much, as he continued with another quality program this week. The promotion is trudging closer to AEW Revolution on March 5, so they have plenty of time to put together one hell of a super card.

Two big title matches took place and a couple of scores were settled in a fun two hours. It's pretty clear that whatever hiccups the company experienced in 2022 are starting to get further and further away in their rearview mirror.

Having stated that - here's a closer look at five big points on the night that really defined this week's episode of AEW Dynamite:

#1- Jon Moxley vs. Adam Page was supposed to bring closure, but only brought more questions

This program has been running for weeks now, and there have been hints of heel turns and even a partnership. Some of that was supposed to come to a head this week, at least if you believe the online experts. Instead, the situation may be cloudier than it's been yet.

Much like several of his roster mates, Mox continues to use the martial arts technique known as AEW-Fu, which is a mix of Japanese Strong Style and bar fighting. It basically uses pummeling as an art form. Unfortunately, they still haven't started teaching to kinds at the local YMCA.

And in another of Moxley's trademarks, there was plenty of bloodletting going on this match as well. Midway through the bout, The Wild Thing came up with a crimson mask. It was around this same time that the tide seemed to be turning in Page's favor. The Hangman was going in for the kill and the opportunity to put an end to this rivalry.

Instead, Mox caught Page for a quick 1-2-3 rollup when Page tried to lock him in his own submission hold, the bulldog chokehold. It was a nice counter finish and one that you would think would have gained the cowboy's admiration.

Instead, there was a lot of jaw-jacking after the match, and this thing doesn't appear to be over yet between the two former AEW World Champions. Blackpool Combat Club members Wheeler Yuta and Claudio Castagnolli helped keep order as the combatants glared at one another.

#2 - Chaos rules the AEW Women's Division

Just as Allie was challenging Jamie Hayter to a match for the AEW Women's World Title backstage, there was a commotion on one of the monitors. Hayter's partner, Dr. Britt Baker, was being attacked elsewhere in the back by Toni Storm and Saraya. This continues to set up the 'AEW Originals vs. Invaders from the E' war that's about to pop off. It will likely rage throughout the summer if all goes well with the angle.

Not long after, undefeated Jade Cargill defended her TBS Championship against her former charge, Red Velvet. Nice match between the two, but the outcome was never in doubt. Now with a record of 50-0, Jade continues her magical run through the AEW Women's Division. This begs the question: How long before she's ready to step up and challenge for the World Title? Only time will tell.

In another storyline involving the female roster, there's some question as to whose side Ruby Soho might be on if things do come down to AEW vs WWE. After all? She's had her ups and downs with both promotions, so this fork in the road could lead her in either direction.

For a segment of the company that has had its share of criticism over the years, the AEW Women's division is getting more and more interesting. It's looking a lot like 2023 is the year when we will see a renaissance and resurgence within this division. And the critics can finally stop yapping.

#3 - The Acclaimed vs. The Asses... and a little bit of intrigue?

Of course, The Acclaimed were greeted by some raucous cheers from the AEW faithful. That's to be expected from the most popular duo in the company, who made quick work of two preliminary performers. That's when The Gunn Club hit the ring to address the situation between the two teams.

The Brothers Ass explained, once again, that they wanted The Acclaimed's AEW World Tag Team Championships. Bill Gunn appeared to grow frustrated with the situation. Only to return to the ring as his sons insulted him. Already pissed off, he blurted out that there would be a title match next week.

The champs looked confused as if they didn't authorize Billy Gunn to make that call. But it's set now, and the smart money says Daddy Ass returns home. Look for Daddy Ass to turn on his adopted sons, costing them the gold and handing them over to his actual kids. A Gunn Family reunion was bound to happen sooner or later, and it appears it's on deck now.

#4 - How many gauntlets are on this freakin' show?

After finding out that Ricky Starks would have to go through every member of the Jericho Appreciation Society to finally get to its leader, we flip to the OTHER current gauntlet going on.

Bryan Danielson continued his quest to dethrone AEW World Champion MJF by defeating classic grappler Timothy Thatcher in a snug contest. While Thatcher's reputation as a technical wizard is well-deserved, there's nothing 'sexy' about him, and the crowd wasn't overly thrilled.

Still, this match was superbly wrestled, and the two men showed why they are among the best in-ring performers in the world. Danielson's win is no surprise, as the long-term plan to get him to the champ is playing out nicely.

#5 - Darby Allin is officially made of Kevlar. He's bulletproof

To say that Darby Allin took a beating in the main event would be an understatement. Despite a valiant effort, Samoa Joe essentially mauled him until he eventually re-captured the TNT Championship. This further validates his claim of being the 'King of Television'.

However, it was Allin who stole the show (once again) with his insane displays of guts and courage. The fans love this kid for a reason. It's because he gives them his blood and guts every single time he steps into the ring.

There was no rest for the wicked, however, as Joe was immediately put on the defensive following his win. Wardlow, looking one ponytail lighter, emerged from the back and started laying the whipping on the newly-crowned titleholder. It looks like a battle of big men is upon us, as Wardlow looks to regain the the title.

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