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4th Anniversary Dynamite

On October 2, 2019 AEW Dynamite debuted in Washington DC to a sold out crowd. Now, four years and two days later, AEW has grown to a powerhouse promotion. During that time CM Punk came and gone. Cody Rhodes, Brian Pillman Jr, and Jade Cargill all carved paths then left. Jon Moxley, Sting, CJ Perry, Christian Cage, and many others have joined. Most recently at Wrestledream Adam Copeland, who we will hear from tonight, joined AEW.

The night started with Rene backstage with Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega. Besides Chris touting that Kenny and him main evented the first Dynamite, The Rated R Superstar interupted to make it known he is in the house. No fighting. Adam Copeland was a little cold towards Kenny Omega.

Rey Fenix has been dealing with injuries but is cleared to start the night's matches. Alex and Penta accompanied Rey Fenix to the ring. Matt joined his brother Nick ringside. For two fast paced lucha libre style influenced men the match started slow and more of a slugging match. Nick delivered a double ax handle to the injured back of Rey Fenix. Fenix missed the steps up the ropes. One of his legs got caught in the ropes as if they were kicked out from under him. He would put the other there to cover. Not only the constant checking on Rey Fenix's back but also simple slips like that make me worry about the extent of Rey's injury. Superkick by Nick, Fenix kip up, Nick superkicks again. Nice unique sequence. Rey Fenix is great at selling. Going straight up after the face plant is artwork. I am starting to wonder when did Nick Jackson start using a cutter? Nick Jackson has done two cutters in this match. Fenix is able to unleash some of his usual moves leading to a two count from a frog splash. Fenix would win by reversing a pin.

AEW shows a vignette saying Adam Cole delayed his surgery to visit Roderick Strong. However production is really messed up. The audio is not able to be heard. Roderick Strong gave Adam Cole a knee scooter. The rest of the Kingdom does not look happy. Although Matt Taven and the neck strong does have a giraffe.

Oh, what a surprise Griff Garrison is on TV. His opponent is another returning star Wardlow. He has been off TV for four months. Poor Griff being feed to a hungry Wardog. It is over before it truly begins. Wardlow wins after FIVE powerbombs. It was a referee stoppage.

TBS was having those auditory issues. So Dynamite replayed the Adam Cole segment. I wonder who lost that time.

Another nice sight on the 4th Anniversary show is a trios match. The Acclaimed against Kip Sabian, The Butcher and The Blade. The champs were jumped but quickly recovered. Commentary always does a good job of building Butcher and Blade but the fact that they seldom win on tv does not help them. Kip is an amazing talent. Commercial break comes back to a hot tag bringing Anthony Bowens in. Scissor Me Timbers was delivered to Blade. The Acclaimed retains. That really aggravates me. The losing trio of Kip Sabian, Butcher and Blade are too talented to be used this way.

The final instalment of Toni Storm Portrait of a Starlet aired. Toni is very agitated in this segment. RJ City tell Toni, she is not old. Toni then becomes Timeless Toni Storm.

A recap of Wrestledream occurred. If you want that recap click here.

Bullet Clun Gold is then give the chance to address Jay White being attacked last week. Switchblade Jay White is absent. They start out with a jab at Cole but then redirect towards MJF. Rock Hard Juice Robison eventually calls MJF out. MJF answers. MJF works the crowd magically. Ass Boys and Talentless Taint chants erupt on his queue. MJF also starts to list his accomplishments from the last four years of Dynamite. This segment ended with Jay White taking out MJF. Jay White steals the belt and challenges MJF to a match at Full Gear.

An update to this match was announced earlier. Kyle Fletcher is taking the place of Sammy Guevara. Sammy is supposedly injured like Mark Davis. Takeshita and Jericho exchange blows. Jericho tags in his team mate and Kenny starts to chop on Konosuke. Kenny and Jericho are doing tag team tactics 101. Kyle Fletcher gets tagged in while TBS is in picture in Picture. Jericho is able to hit a hot tag after being beat down for most of the commercial break. Konosuke Takeshita is hit with a You Can't Escape. Kyle Fletcher was places in the second turnbuckle and received a back stabber. The Don Callis family reverses fortunes and hits simultaneous kick and blue thunder bombs. Stupid Taz points out that Aubrey Edwards is putting on gloves. I haven't seen who si bleeding yet. Kenny tags out. Jericho delivers ten punches to Fletcher before a hurricanrana off the top. Takeshita comes in to attack Jericho. Omega takes out Takeshita. Fletcher then takes down Omega before falling himself. Fletcher and Jericho fight to their feet before rebounding off the ropes. Both men execute a lariat and fall back down. Jericho recovers first. Jericho puts Kyle Fletcher in the Walls of Jericho. Konosuke Takeshita breaks it up. He then drags Fletcher over to the corner to tag. Jericho also tags Kenny Omega. Kenny and Konosuke exchange blows. Kenny delivers a powerbomb followed by a V Trigger for a two count. Konosuke comes and to receive a snap dragon. Omega with a one winged angel for the win. After the match as Don Callis is hollering at Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho that they cheated Powerhouse Hobbs comes out of nowhere to take both Jericho and Omega out. Mainly focusing on Kenny Omega. Hobbs breaks a guardrail that was in the crowd. This is a long beatdown. Kyle Fletcher is no where but Konosuke and Hobbs beat down both Omega and Jericho.

MJF accepted the challenge issued by Jay White for Full Gear. Finally, Max and MJF have some screen time. If you follow Max Caster on X he is constantly tweeting love towards MJF.

A vignette of Samoa Joe looking quite suave airs. He states that he is hungry for championships again. He is aiming at MFJ and the AEW world title.

Kyle Fletcher's girlfriend Sky Blue is now out to face Rock Hard Juice Robinson's wife Toni Storm. She comes out to a nice black and white entrance as the Timeless Toni Storm. This character is very much like Chelsea Greens unhinged character. Toni shakes hands with Turner, who is the ref, then introduced herself to Sky Blue before beating her down. This is a one sided attack for the start of this match. Sky Blue does get a hair drag takedown. Toni Storm takes control again. She knocks Sky Blue to the floor before telling the camera we are going to hear from very important sponsors. Sky Blue is making a bit of a comeback. Sky attempts to win by a cross body, but Timeless Toni Storm kicks out. Toni Storm with a hip attack. Then a Storm Zero for a win. A nice match. Due to the time this sucks that the commentary team and programming in general did not tout this as a main event that it was for the TV audience.

Bit of a ass backwards announcement. Stokely Hathoway announced the fatal four way for the number one contender for the RoH title after the graphic was shown.

So, they are ending this on a promo. Smart fans can guess what will happen. Adam Copeland will talk about how he is excited to be in AEW or some other similar promo. Christian Cage along with Nick Wayne and Luchasaurus will come out to interrupt. The biggest question really is who will leave standing?

Now that commercials are over we can see what they say. Adam is called to the ring by Tony Schiavone. Beth Phoenix's voice rings out "You think you know him." Adam Copeland says that the soundtrack to his childhood was Tony before telling him to get out of the ring in the most respectful way. Adam says he wants not only he world heavyweight championship but also there are several first ever matches available in AEW. According to Adam Copeland, his 9 year old daughter Lyric wanted him to "go have fun with Uncle Jay" also known as Christian Cage. Adam Copeland then calls Christain Cage out to the ring. Adam gives a small history of the two together. He is also irate at seeing what Christian did to Sting at Wrestledream. Adam Copeland warns Christian that Nick and Luchasuarus will drop him. Additionally it is time for them to reunite for the first time in over 20 years. Adam Copeland wants to show why Edge and Christain are one of the greatest tag teams and wants to end their careers together as tag. The two men hug. Christian tells Adam to go fuck himself. No violence. Also unfortunately for those in attendance who still have flash photography no five second pose. Luchasausrus then comes out from the back to stand beside Christain. Nick Wayne also did the same.


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