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3 Big Takeaways from NXT - May 2, 2023: Hello, and Goodbye

Following a WWE Draft that saw important roster members and even a few champions move on to the main roster, a new era begins for NXT

Well, here we go.

After an unprecedented talent raid in this year's WWE Draft, NXT kicked off this week's episode by looking for the next group of names to step up. The third brand has a handful of champions and established names from their recent programming that are now RAW and Smackdown-bound. Women's Champion Indi Hartwell leads a talented list of graduates that includes Grayson Waller, Pretty Deadly, and fellow titleholders Isla Dawn & Alba Fyre - the women's tag champs.

However, the cupboard is certainly not left bare because of those departures. NXT is the gift that keeps on giving for WWE, and they never have problems discovering new talent. That was on display tonight, as we could basically bear witness to the next generation of top faces on the brand.

Needless to say, a lot of questions need to be answered until NXT as a whole can move forward - particularly surrounding the top of the women's division. This show was a big step in that direction for the brand. Here are five things that stood out in this very transitional episode of NXT on USA:

#1 - Wes Lee and Tyler Bate are close to colliding

It was another successful title defense for North American Champion Wes Lee, who has been riding a wave of momentum in recent months. He's clearly marked for stardom eventually on the main roster after being forced into a solo act. After the dissolution of his former tag team, he's stepped up and is developing more of a character to go along with his stunning physical capabilities.

Much of his immediate development looks like it will come in the form of a feud with his current friend, Tyler Bate. The former NXT UK Champion accompanied Lee to the ring for his win over Drew Gulak. But, as the two were standing next to each other, Bate was not-so-subtly eyeing the title belt. Expect a falling out over the gold pretty soon.