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10 Wrestlers with Beards

As a return for the list, lets highlight No Shave November with featuring ten wrestlers past or present that sported some fine facial hair.

Probably best known to younger wrestling fans at Zeb Coulter, Dutch Mantel has been sporting a beard since way back in the 1970s. While he did excel in the territories days. He was the only man to get a clean win over a babyface Jerry Lawler in 1986. Dirty Dutch had stints in both the WWF and WCW while an active wrestler. Later Dutch would become a manager for both Alberto Del Rio and Jake Hager.

Recently departed from AEW, The Butcher real name Andy Williams has sported many a facial hair variations. During his time with AEW, Butcher and his partner Blade were pushed at mercenaries. The two were always in the contention for contending for the titles if that makes sense to more than just me. Fans will have to wait and see what is next for The Butcher will he and the band Every Time I Die reunite or will he crop up in the soon the be TNA.

No list of facial hair would be complete without Ravishing Rick Rude's mustache. Probably his greatest accomplishment was being on both WWF and WCW on the same night due to WWF prerecording their shows at the time. Rick Rude would bounce between WWF and WCW gaining popularity in both. Rude's accolades would include being a 4 time heavyweight champion, WWF Intercontinental champion which he won from Ultimate Warrior, and WCW United States Champion. He would retire from wrestling in 1997 due to a neck injury. This would lead him to manage DX and Curt Henning. Unfortunately, Rude would be one of the too many wrestlers who left this world via tragedy. Rick Rude died on April 20, 1999 while training for a comeback to the ring.

Another magnificent bearded brawler was Bray Wyatt who earlier this year departed for the other side. He was a brilliant mind. He held the WWE Universal title and was the founder of the Wyatt Family. His last feud was with L A Knight.

Feels like I am just trying to stir up some emotions here. The second member of the Wyatt family to be featured on this list is none other than the late Exalted One Mr. Brodie Lee aka Luke Harper. He has also left this world unfortunately. The last championship he won was the TNT title besides that he would win multiple tag team championships with the next person on the list. We are only 42 days away from the 3 year anniversary of his passing.

As promised Eric Redbeard is the next entry on this list. Along with the previous two he was one of the main members of the Wyatt Family. Along with Brodie Lee the two would hold NXT and Smackdown Tag Titles. Eric Redbeard has popped up on AEW a few times since he was released from WWE. Currently he is working on the independent scene.

Sticking with people who were once part of the Wyatt Family, Bryan Danielson has grown out his beard to quite the length. Danielson had fans behind him with his Yes Movement. while part of the WWE. He also tried a weird Ecofriendly heel gimmick with Eric Rowan as his muscle. Currently he is signed to AEW where he will participate in their Continental Classic Tournament. This is after suffering both a broken arm and orbital bone this year.

Big Damo probably wins the award for hairiest on this list. While in the WWE he was a member of the Sanity Stable which on the main roster didn't do much. He is also married to Current WWE Superstar Nikki Cross. Back to being active in the independent scene Big Damo participated in the Super Strong Style Sixteen tournament for progress this year. He has also been a guest on the RealRasslin Podcast. To listen to that episode click the link here.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan, we all know how Vince built WWF around him in the 1980s. He slammed Andre in the Pontiac Dome at Wrestlemania 3. Including him for his mustache is one where I am not sure myself if those reading this will view it as a famous facial hair or an infamous facial hair. During his tenure with the NWO, Hulk Hogan would die the scruff around his mustache in a weird fashion sense. However, if I did not include him I feel like this list would have missed at least one iconic facial hair.

As the compiler of this list, I get to add people I want. So, we get Sting and his goatee. While I did find him growing it out to be a weird things since he would wear face paint Sting did rock it for a few years.

Lastly, another odd stand out for sporting facial hair is Son of Havoc. Son of Havoc was a biker character for Lucha Underground. Facial hair does fit the stereotype of a biker. It just stands out, at least for me because Lucha Masks don't generally allow anything to be seen from the face of the wrestler, He was portrayed by Matt Cross.

Well there is my list of wrestlers with facial hair to honor No Shave November. I know these lists have been missing for a bit but they will start back up on at least a once a month frequency. Thank you for reading. Don't forget to leave a comment and share the video.


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